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Samsung Phone Beeping Problems

Samsung is one of the major leading manufacturers of cell phones. They are known for manufacturing products that have sleek designs and are easy to use. While they are the leading tech giant in this modern age, it doesn’t mean their phones are without issues from time to time.

If your Samsung phone is beeping, it’s likely because of a notification or low battery. The top cause of this issue is a notification sound that’s set to repeat. To fix this, check your notification settings and turn off any repetitive sounds. If the issue persists, try restarting your phone or clearing the cache partition. If the beeping is due to low battery, charge your phone to at least 50% or turn on power saving mode to conserve battery life.

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This article will cover some reasons why your Samsung phone is beeping and will also help you to troubleshoot the issue. Some solutions will overlap each other but that is just a testament to the ease of use with Samsung products.

Samsung Phone Beeping While Charging

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One common reason for a Samsung phone to keep beeping while charging is an interruption in the charging current. The beeping could be signaling you that the phone is connecting and disconnecting from its charging station. Make sure the wall adapter is securely inserted into the outlet and the USB charging port is clear of any debris. Another possible cause could be a bug in a recent software update. Updating to the latest software version may fix the issue

Charging Connection

Newer cell phones have a higher power rating than their older counterparts so if you are using a charger from an older phone, your Samsung phone will beep to let you know it is not receiving enough power.

In order to get a full charge, a cell phone needs to have an outlet that receives enough power, an adapter, a USB cable, and the charging station itself. If there is an issue anywhere in this charging train, the Samsung phone will beep while charging.

App Notifications

Any apps that are running in the background could also be the reason behind the beeping sounds. If the apps are updating, reminding you they have not been used in a while, the notification setting will beep.

Go through the notification settings for any downloaded apps to see which ones are updating or which ones can be deleted. This will not only stop the beeping but will also help to prolong the life of your phone’s battery.

Samsung Phone Beeping Not Charging

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Beeping is our phone’s way of letting us know something is out of place. When it comes to beeping while the phone is charging, there are a couple of things we should investigate.

If your Samsung phone is beeping but not charging, there could be an interruption in the charging current. The beeping could be signaling you that the phone is connecting and disconnecting from its charging station. Make sure the wall adapter is securely inserted into the outlet.

Once you have checked the wall adapter, make sure the USB cable is inserted into the phone charger port. It is also possible the phone cover could be preventing the USB from making a good connection to the phone.

Battery Warning

The Samsung phone will beep to notify you when the battery is below 15 percent. If the charger is not charging or the phone is not correctly connected to the charger, the beeping will continue to notify you that the battery level is decreasing.

The beeping sound could also mean the charging connection is unreliable, unstable, or not strong enough. Connect the charger to a different outlet to see if the beeping stops.

Samsung Phone Beeping While Talking/During Calls

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A beeping sound in your ear while trying to talk or listen during a phone call can be extremely frustrating. Before you throw the phone in the river, here are some possible reasons why.

If your Samsung phone is beeping while talking/during calls, it could be a notification of the battery getting low. If you are in an area with a bad signal, the phone could be switching between data and Wi-Fi calling. You could also be receiving alerts to missed incoming calls.

Our phones are great multi-taskers. If you are on the phone and a call comes in, the phone will beep to notify you of a missed call and also if a voicemail was left. You can change these settings by doing the following:

Step 1: Go to your Samsung phone menu.

Step 2: Tap on ‘Settings’.

Step 3: Tap on ‘Sounds’.

Step 4: Select Default Notification Sound’.

To adjust the notification settings for a specific app, you will need to open that app and make the changes within the app.

Minute Minder

The Minute Minder feature helps you keep track of the number of minutes being used. If the beeping is not at regular intervals, it is being interrupted by incoming calls.

The following steps will walk you through how to adjust this setting.

Step 1: Go to your phone’s menu and then select ‘Settings’.

Step 2: Tap on ‘Applications’.

Step 3: Scroll down to ‘Call’.

Step 4: Select ‘Call Alerts’.

Step 5: In ‘Call Status Tones’ tap on ‘Minute Minder’.

Step 6: Remove the checkmark next to Minute Minder to turn off notifications or change the notification sound to vibration.

Samsung Phone Beeps When Unlocked

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As mentioned earlier, beeping sounds are how the phone alerts you to something that needs attention. One reason for the beeping could be connected to one of your phone’s safety features.

If your Samsung phone beeps when unlocked, the lock screen setting is not enabled. This is a safety feature to prevent you from making random phone calls or taking pictures as the phone is in your pocket or purse. Go to your phone’s Settings and enable the lock screen feature.

Another reason why the phone is beeping when unlocked could be due to the NFC, or Near Field Communication, setting.

Near Field Communication

Near Field Communication is what is used for contactless payment cards. If you have Samsung Pay or other contactless pay apps downloaded, you will hear the beeping notification when the app connects or disconnects. Go into the contactless pay app to adjust the settings and notification sounds.

Samsung Phone Beeps Every Minute

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When you are at work or out with friends, a sure way to get some negative attention from others is to have a phone that beeps every minute. Putting the phone in airplane mode will silence it but it does not address the problem.

If your Samsung phone beeps every minute, it could be due to a reminder notification. The reminder will continue beeping if you have unread notifications on your device. Go to Settings > Accessibility > Advanced Settings to turn off the reminder notification or to see which notifications you have missed.

Newer versions of Samsung come with apps already downloaded. If an app that was pre-downloaded is updating or needs permission to update, you will get notifications alerting you to the attention needed for that app.

Connecting To A LandLine

There are options today that allow you to connect your landline to Wi-Fi so calls can be forwarded to your cell phone. If your phone is trying to establish a connection with the landline, you will hear continuous beeping.

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Connecting To An Old Device

Did you recently purchase your Samsung phone? If you named the new phone the same as the old phone, it may be struggling to connect to external devices. The new phone is recognized in name only but is not able to fully connect.

Samsung Phone Beeps For No Reason

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Worse than hearing continual beeping is not being able to find the reason for the beeping. If the above suggestions have not resolved the problem, here are two other possibilities to try before calling Samsung Customer Support.


VoLTE or Voice Over LTE allows you to use voice and data simultaneously. You can be on speaker phone while playing Candy Crush at the same time.

Voice Over LTE happens when you place a call over the LTE connection instead of the older voice networks. VoLTE allows phones to use more bandwidth to make phone calls with better audio quality. Calls connect faster and sound better, too.

The beeping could be signaling to you that you are connected to VoLTE, using the carrier’s high-speed data instead of the voice network. Go to your phone’s Settings and then Mobile Network Connections to ensure the Enable LTE setting is turned off. Restart your phone to refresh the setting.

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If your Samsung phone beeps for no reason, there could be an app running in the background that is experiencing a software glitch. You will need to go through your downloaded apps and, one by one, turn off notifications to see which one is the culprit.

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