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LG Phone Not Working

Whether you own a dual-screen phone, a budget-friendly device, or an exclusive model, the most basic need of all users is that the phone works as it should. If you have an LG phone and it is not working, what can you do to get things functioning back to how they should?

If your LG phone isn’t working, be sure that it has received ample charge for an extended period of time, clear the cache of the keyboard, switch to the Android keyboard, be sure that the volume is turned up and the ringer on your phone is switched to ‘On,’ and adjust the media volume.

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LG may have pulled out of the smartphone manufacturing world, but they still have millions of products out there that are working well for those who own them. Even so, there are times when technology is going to inevitably fail, and if you find yourself in the middle of this situation with your own LG phone, you are in need of a fix. If your LG phone isn’t working as it should, continue reading below to find your specific problem and the solution to resolve it quickly.

LG Phone Not Working

LG phones offer a wide array of different features depending on the model you own and the capabilities it possesses. From simply being able to make a clear call to being able to expand your work on a dual-screen display, LG has something for everyone at an affordable rate, which is why these phones may be so attractive to some. However, if you own an LG phone and it isn’t working, what can you do to restore your phone back to its former glory?

If your LG phone isn’t working, the first step you need to take is to ensure that the battery has been adequately charged and that there is enough charge to your device so that it can be turned on. If this is not the case, your phone will not turn on which will result in it not working.

This may seem like an obvious statement to make, but many LG phone owners don’t realize the time it can take for a phone that has been completely depleted of battery to recharge. If your phone has been running on low-power mode for an extended time or you allow it to die while using it, it can take more time than usual for the power to receive enough power to operate properly. Be sure you have it plugged in for an ample amount of time before trying again.

LG Phone Keyboard Not Working

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You may not be in need of such a broad troubleshooting method as previously given, but might be experiencing a specific issue that needs a specific solution. For instance, when using your LG phone, you should be able to use the on-screen keyboard to type, text, dial, and perform any other communication or task-related functions. However, if you have an LG keyboard that is not working, none of this is possible, begging for an immediate solution.

If your LG phone keyboard isn’t working, try clearing the cache of the keyboard. To do this, go to your phone’s ‘Settings’ and click on ‘General’ > ‘Apps’ > ‘All’ > ‘LG Keyboard’ > ‘Stop and Clear Data.’ Once cleared, you can then try using your keyboard again to see if function has been restored.

If you go through the process of clearing the cache of your phone, but are still being met with a keyboard on your LG phone that is not working, try changing to the Android keyboard. To do this, go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Language and Input’ > select the ‘Android Keyboard’ > ‘Default’ > and select your preferred language. Once this has been selected, you should be able to go back to your keyboard and see that it is functioning as it should.

LG Phone Speaker Not Working

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When it comes to cooperation, of course, LG phone owners need to have a device that’s keyboard can operate without error. Along with this though, communication does not only exist on the screen, but is also achieved through calls, which makes the speaker of an LG phone just as important. If you are on the phone, are trying to watch a video, or are playing music and notice that the speaker is not working, what might be the problem?

If your LG phone speaker isn’t working, ensure first that you have the volume turned up on the phone and that you also have the ringer turned on. Once you have confirmed this, check that the media volume hasn’t been turned down, which can cause audio from media to be silenced.

To check to see if the media volume has been turned down on your LG phone, you will go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Sounds and Vibrations’ > ‘Volume’ > and then move the media volume bar to a level where you can hear that the sound is audible. Once you have this adjusted, you should be able to tap on the speaker mode of your phone and hear any audio that is coming from your device.

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LG Phone Sound Not Working

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If you are dealing with problems with the speaker on your LG phone, it is likely, although not always, that you are experiencing issues with the sound on your device as well. When this happens, people find themselves in a position of frustration, as no one wants to own a phone that cannot deliver the sound that they need. If you have an LG phone and the sound isn’t working, take a look below to see what can be done for this irritating issue.

If the sound on your LG phone isn’t working, confirm that you have the volume turned up to an audible level on your device, that the ringer has been turned ‘On,’ and that you have all content that has its own controlled volume within the app turned up to an audio level that is audible as well.

These are very simple solutions, but for most LG phone owners, when it comes to sound, the most simplistic solutions often treat the most common issues. If you know that all volume options are turned up on your phone, yet you still aren’t hearing any sound, it could be that your phone is in need of a software update. To check for any available updates go to ‘Apps’ > ‘About Phone’ > ‘System Updates’ and click on any updates that are available to install.

LG Phone Camera Not Working

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In a world where communication is key, having an operating keyboard, a functioning speaker, and sound that is audible on your LG phone is essential. However, now more than ever, there is one other essential aspect for many other users out there: the camera. Being able to document anything from the mundane to the awe-inspiring is something that many LG phone owners want as an option, but if the camera isn’t working as it should, how can that be done?

If your LG phone camera isn’t working, clearing the cache and all related data may be the fix. To do this, go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Application Manager’ > ‘Camera’ > ‘Force Stop’ > ‘Clear Data’ > ‘Clear Cache.’ Once both have been cleared, try once more to see if your camera is operating as it should.

If you clear the cache and data of your camera but are still not able to use the feature, the simple trick of turning your phone off and on again might be just the solution. By doing this, you are able to get rid of any small bugs that might exist within your device that are causing the current issue of the camera not working. Once the device is off, simply turn it back on and wait for it to restart completely before trying to access the camera once again.

LG Phone Bluetooth Not Working

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LG phones can get you in touch with a friend across the globe, can give you pictures that professionals pine over, and can deliver sound that can get any gym goer through their workout with ease. Even with all of these capabilities though, LG phones can do even more by having the ability to connect to other devices by using Bluetooth. If you go to use this feature on your phone and it is not working, read on to see what you can do.

If Bluetooth on your LG phone isn’t working, it could be that you have not enabled Bluetooth on your device yet. To do this, go to ‘Menu’ > ‘Settings’ > ‘Bluetooth’ > and select Bluetooth so that it turns on. You will also need to select your phone’s name to make it discoverable by other devices.

Once you have Bluetooth enabled on your phone and you have made your device discoverable by other devices, you should then be able to see a drop-down menu that shows the various devices you can pair with. When you see the device you want to pair with, simply select it and give your phone enough time to complete the pairing before navigating away from the screen. Once this has completed, you should be able to use Bluetooth without complication.

LG Phone Flashlight Not Working

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One of the more modest, but prolifically used features of an LG phone is its flashlight. Whether you are in need of more light walking down a dimly lit set of stairs, are searching under the couch for your car keys, or simply need the instructions more clearly, this small feature is one that is used by many. If you go to turn on the flashlight of your LG phone and notice that it isn’t working, what might be the cause of the problem, and what can be done to fix it?

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If your LG phone flashlight isn’t working, try clearing the cache of the camera and all data as well. To do this, go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Application Manager’ > select ‘All’ > choose the ‘Camera’ option > and then hit ‘Clear Data’ to finish the process. Once completed, try once again to access the flashlight.

If the flashlight is still not working once you have cleared the cache and data from the feature, try turning off your phone then turning it back on. This can cause the phone to reset, which can resolve any small issues that various components may be experiencing, such as the flashlight on the device not working.

LG Phone Touchscreen Not Working

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It was previously discussed what you can do if you find that the keyboard on your LG phone is not working as it should. Compared to the entire touchscreen not working, that problem seems rather minute, but if you find yourself in a position where the touchscreen isn’t working on your phone, there are a few different solutions that will get things back to normal function.

If your LG phone touchscreen isn’t working, it could be that you have installed third-party applications that are causing your touchscreen complications. To resolve this problem, set your phone into Safe Mode to see if the screen is operational when put into this specific mode.

To set your phone to Safe Mode, press the power button as if you were trying to turn the phone off. Once you see the LG logo on the screen, let go of the power button and immediately press and hold down the volume down button. Your phone will then turn and once it is on, release the volume down button once you see that safe mode is running. If you are able to use your phone in safe mode, delete any third-party apps that are on the device.

If your LG phone isn’t working, check to see if there are any available software updates, clear the data and cache of the camera, enable Bluetooth on your phone and make your device discoverable by selecting your LG phone, and run your phone in Safe Mode to see if third-party apps are the problem.

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