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Samsung Caller ID Not Working

A Samsung smartphone will display the number that is being called from when you get an incoming call. It will also show the contacts name if they are saved in your phone. However, your Samsung smartphone can have an error where it’s no longer working so today I will explain how to fix it.

Start by clearing the cache for the call settings app and the phone app from the Settings. After that, make sure the contact sync setting is turned to load the contacts saved to the email address you used to set up the device. There are also some additional steps explained below.

Holding a Samsung caller

If you changed the email address, or reset your phone to factory settings and then set it up with the same email address the sync setting will bring them over automatically. Otherwise, it’s likely there’s a bug caused by the cached files in the apps. Below I will explain step by step how to perform the troubleshooting steps you should take to get the caller ID working again on your Samsung smartphone.

Samsung Caller ID Not Working

Having worked in a store that sells smartphones, and internet packages I’ve fixed more issues on smartphones than I can count. Like other apps on smartphones the caller ID function can intermittently not work, or not work at all. Here’s what to do to fix this issue on a Samsung phone.

Do a hard reset, then clear the cache on the call settings and phone app. The files in the cache can have had a conflict and clearing it stops this error from occurring. Also, if you’ve recently changed the email address ensure that the contacts are synced in the settings.

Each of these steps are very easy to do, and you may already know how to do some or all of them. However, to be sure you’ve cleared the cache in all the right places I’ll provide step by step instructions below for each of the steps you should take when your Samsung Caller ID isn’t working.

Note that each of these troubleshooting steps have the potential to solve the issue. Therefore, after trying each one check whether the caller ID is now working. To verify that it’s working you should ideally have another smartphone from a friend or family member so you can quickly check it. Rather than waiting for a call to come in.

1. Soft restart your phone – fixes 80% of issues with smartphones

With my extensive experience troubleshooting smartphones as part of working in a telecommunications store I can honestly say that doing a soft restart of your phone fixes the vast majority of issues. Which also applies to the issue with the caller ID not working on a Samsung phone. To do this on a Samsung phone hold down the power button and the volume down button for 10 seconds. Once you’ve held it down long enough the phone should vibrate, the screen will go blank, and then it will restart.

Depending on the model it can have a load screen which will give you some options. You should choose the top option which should say ‘restart your phone normally’. To select the option use the menu button on the side of the phone below the volume button. You can also use the volume up and volume down button to change the selection.

However, by default the restart normally option should be selected. Once you do that it will power back up and turn on as it normally does.

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2. Close all apps that are open in the background

Apps by default will stay open in the background. I personally forget they’re open and only notice every now and then that I have around 5 or 6 apps open that I’m not even using. Such as, a game, my music player, and the web browser. When these are open for some time they can crash, meaning they freeze and no longer work.

When this happens it can cause other apps such as the phone app, which controls the caller ID not to work. To do that tap on the ‘3 bars’ icon on the bottom left of the screen. When you do that it will show all of the apps in a carousel. Swipe up on each of them to close them.

If you have a tonne of apps open and don’t want to swipe up on them one by one, there is also a ‘close all’ button at the bottom of the screen.

3. Clear the cache and data on the Phone app

The cache is a folder of files that is stored in the memory of a smartphone. When it gets full it can use a lot of memory which can cause the phone app to struggle to load the called ID. These files can also get corrupted and cause an error with the phone app. Deleting these files is a potential solution and is recommended by Samsung. Here’s the steps to do it:

  1. Select the Settings icon on your phone.
  2. Then select the Apps
  3. Tap on the ‘3 vertical dots’ icon at the top right of the screen
  4. This brings up an additional menu from this menu select ‘show system bar’
  5. Then in the search field type in ‘phone’
  6. This will bring up the phone app, select that
  7. Then select ‘clear cache’ at the bottom right of the screen

After that you need to perform the same steps but instead of clear cache select ‘clear data’.

Once that’s done it will have cleared the cache and the data.

4. Clear the cache on the Call Settings app

The same errors with the cache and data can occur with the ‘Call Settings’ app. Repeat the same process described above except instead of searching for ‘phone’, instead search for ‘call settings’. To bring up the ‘Call Settings’ app. And then clear the cache and data in the same way. Just in case it’s a bit hard to follow here’s step by step instructions.

  1. Select the Settings icon on your phone.
  2. Then select the Apps
  3. Tap on the ‘3 vertical dots’ icon at the top right of the screen
  4. This brings up an additional menu from this menu select ‘show system bar’
  5. Then in the search field type in ‘Call settings’
  6. This will bring up the phone app, select that
  7. Then select ‘clear cache’ at the bottom right of the screen

4. Ensure the Sync contacts setting is turned on

When you add a new contact it’s backed up to the email account that you’ve set it up with. If a call comes through and it only shows the number but not the name of the person, even though you’ve previously added it then it’s typically an issue with the contacts not being synced. Also, if you’ve recently done a factory reset, or hard reset it affects the syncing of your contacts. After you’ve done one of these kinds of resets it will ask you to put your email address to set up your phone again.

If you’ve put in a different email address the contacts won’t be saved to it. Therefore, when a call comes through it will only have the number and not the name. It’s also possible you haven’t enabled auto sync, if you accidentally skipped that. Here’s how to access the settings for the contact sync to see if this is what’s causing the issue.

As well as, change the email address to your original one: Tap on the ‘Settings’ icon from the home screen then select ‘Accounts and back up’, then tap on ‘Accounts’. This will show the accounts that are linked to your Samsung phone. On this screen at the bottom there is a setting which is ‘Auto Sync’ data. It’s helpful to have this on if it isn’t enabled.

Then tap on the Gmail account to bring up additional options. Then tap on ‘Sync account’. This will bring up a list of options such as the contacts, calendar, and Google Play Music. Check that the relevant categories are enabled, specifically ‘Contacts’ and ‘People details’, as well as any others you want to sync if they aren’t already enabled. If all of these options are selected, and sync is turned on then this isn’t likely the issue.

5. Use the same email address that all of your contacts are synced to

If you’ve set it up on your phone using a different email address then any of the contacts that are synced to the previous email address you had on your Samsung smartphone won’t be on your phone. This will cause only the number to come up and not the name. You can very easily remove the existing email address you have, and add your previous one by going to:

  1. Settings
  2. Accounts and back up
  3. Accounts
  4. Tap on the existing email account
  5. Once selected there is an option that says ‘remove account’
  6. When you select that go back one screen and there is an option to ‘add account’

Follow the onscreen prompts to add your previous email account. It’s also possible the name has been recorded incorrectly or not at all. This is a record known as a CNAM, details below.

Samsung Caller ID Showing Wrong Name

Holding a phone while talking

If a person’s number and name are saved on your Samsung phone it will be displayed when they call you unless they’ve disabled a setting on their phone. Another thing that can happen is the name can come up as a different name. Here’s what causes it and how to fix it:

A person’s mobile is recorded by the carrier in a record known as a Caller Name Deliver (CNAM). If the person relinquished their number and it was assigned to someone else the record may have not been updated. Otherwise, the number may also have been saved incorrectly in your phone.

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A person can request a mobile carrier such as Verizon such update the CNAM record. As it’s virtually guaranteed the record is the old record of the person who previously had that number. If a person does not use a mobile number for a predetermined amount of time. Typically, in 1 year, the number will be removed from the sim card automatically.

From there it is available to be reassigned. If a person requests a specific number or by accident they can get a number that was relinquished and the previous persons CNAM record can still be on it. It’s up to the person who owns the number to update their CNAM record.

The other possibility is that you’ve saved their number in your phone under something else by accident. While editing the number you may have pressed a wrong button, or edited the incorrect contact. The best thing to do in this instance is to take note of what name and number is coming up incorrectly. And then go into your contacts and double check what name is assigned to that number. As well as, what number is assigned to that name.

Then correct it by editing it to what it should be.

Samsung Caller ID Not Showing

Holding a samsung phone

The caller ID function on a Samsung smartphone will show the persons number, as well as, their name provided it’s saved in your phone, or they have created a CNAM record with their mobile carrier. However, if it’s not showing up here’s what causes it:

The person can have disabled called ID in the settings of their smartphone. However, if they haven’t their CNAM record hasn’t been updated with their mobile carrier, their contact name isn’t saved in your phone, or you need to perform a few troubleshooting steps on your phone, details below.

Soft resetting your phone, and clearing the cache and data for the ‘Phone’ and ‘Call Settings’ app is also a very common fix for this issue. I’ve explained step by step instructions for how to perform each of these troubleshooting steps at the top of this article. Scroll to the top and start with step ‘1. Soft restart your phone – fixes 80% of issues with smartphones’. And if that doesn’t work, proceed with the other steps on that list.

If it’s caused by caller ID being disabled on the person calling you’s phone, or due to their CNAM record not being updated, it’s up to them to fix that issue. If they’re a good friend or family member you can let them know about the issue.

Samsung Phone Only Showing ID Not Name in Caller ID

Confused woman holding a phone

If a person calls you on your Samsung smartphone and only the number shows up but not the name it’s typically caused by a few potential settings or issues. Here’s what they are, and how to fix this issue.

The name for the caller ID is controlled by the CNAM record stored with the caller’ s mobile carrier, the contact that you have saved in your phone, and by the setting on their phone which can enable or disable the caller ID. It can also be that the cache is corrupted in the phone app on your phone.

If it’s happening for contacts that used to show up perfectly fine then it’s likely the phone app has crashed or the cache needs to be cleared. The best place to start is to do a soft reset on your phone. I’ve provided details on how to perform each of the troubleshooting steps in easy to follow detail at the start of this article. Scroll to the top of this article and start with step ‘1. Soft restart your phone – fixes 80% of issues with smartphones’.

Then perform the subsequent steps to fix this issue. The CNAM record and whether or not the person calling you has disabled caller ID on their phone is up to the person calling you to change or resolve. And if it’s caused by that there isn’t anything you can do to make their name show up. Typically though, if they have caller ID disabled it will say ‘No Caller ID’, rather than just the number.

Samsung Caller ID Unknown (Meaning)

Holding a phone while talking

Calls can come through which say ‘Unknown number’ or ‘No Caller ID’. This can happen for 2 different reasons. Here’s what they are:

The person calling you can have turned off caller ID on their phone, or their CNAM record is not updated or supported by their carrier. All of these reasons are controlled by the person calling you, and there is nothing you can do on your end to get their number to show up when they call.

You can also do this on your phone, if you don’t want your number to be visible to people you are calling. There is an option in the settings of your phone that under Phone > More settings > show my caller ID > Hide number.

Clear the cache and data in the phone app and call settings app, close all apps in the background, and do a soft reset of your Samsung phone. The contacts might not be synced if you changed the email address, or the email address isn’t set up because of a factory reset.

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