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Why is Youtube Not Working On Roku

For those of you that don’t have a smart TV or don’t have a smart TV that has access to some different applications, you may use Roku TV to get the content that you want. This allows users to easily access YouTube through the device, but what do you do if it isn’t working?

If Roku TV YouTube is not working, try completely a forced restart on your Roku device, be sure you have properly installed YouTube, update YouTube, reset your network, turn the ‘Volume Mode’ feature off within the YouTube app, or reset your Roku device.

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Roku TV is a brand of hardware digital media players that offers users access to a wide variety of streaming media content through various online services. This gives individuals the ability to access items that their current TV does not support and thus, expand the content they are viewing, the games they are playing, and the applications they want to regularly access, like YouTube. If YouTube is not working on your Roku TV, continue reading below.

Roku YouTube Not Working

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YouTube is an application that allows subscribers and general users to access just about any type of video they could ever imagine, all through the ease of one app. For quite some time, this app was only available to individuals through devices such as phones, computers, or tablets, but through the development of smart TVs and devices like Roku, people can now use YouTube straight from their TV. How, then, do you fix it if it is not working?

If Roku YouTube is not working for you, force restart Roku. To do this, press the ‘Home’ button on your Roku remote and then press ‘Home’ five times > ‘Up’ > ‘Rewind’ two times > ‘Fast Forward’ two times. This will cause Roky to briefly turn off then start back up automatically.

YouTube App Not Showing Up/Available/Found On Roku

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Beyond YouTube not working, some users have noticed that when they go to the home screen of their Roku TV, the application does not show up, is not available, or simply cannot be found. YouTube should be available to all Roku devices, which may leave users a little confused when they are not able to find the app within their device. If the YouTube app is not showing up, it may be a simple fix of knowing how to properly download the application.

If the YouTube app is not showing up, is not available, or is not found on Roku, you may be going about the wrong way for installation. To find and install YouTube on Roku, go to your home screen and open ‘Streaming Channels’ > ‘Search’ > ‘YouTube’ > ‘Add Channel’ and wait for it to install.

YouTube Keeps Freezing/Crashing On Roku

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If you are able to find and use the YouTube app within Roku, you may be a tad surprised the app suddenly freezes or crashes. Some Roku users, in the middle of their YouTube use, have reported issues of the app freezing and stopping any videos from going forward, or crashing completely where the app totally goes down. If this is a problem you are facing, read on to find how to get this issue under control.

If YouTube keeps freezing or crashing on Roku, it may be that the app needs to be updated. To do this, press the ‘Home’ button on your Roku remote, click ‘Settings’ > ‘System’ > ‘System Update’ > ‘Check Now’ to manually check for updates, then download any new updates.

Check Roku for System Update
Check Roku for any system updates

YouTube Not Connecting to Roku

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When using any application through Roku, you must have a network connection in order for Roku to run that specific application. Due to a few different influencers, there can be a few things that cause the connection to either take a bit of time, or to fail completely. If you are trying to use YouTube, but are not able to connect it to Roku, read below to find a solution that will get your network connection up and running again.

If YouTube is not connecting to Roku, check to see if your network speed is the issue by completing a speed test online. If this is the problem, reset your network by unplugging your router or modem directly from its power source for 60 seconds before plugging it back in.

Roku YouTube Sound/Audio/Volume Not Working

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When using YouTube on Roku, you should be able to watch any video within the app, but you should also be able to hear that audio that comes from it as well. Sound and audio are important to complete the user experience of YouTube users, but when sound is not present, users are left scrambling to figure out a solution. If you are using YouTube on Roku and there is no sound, audio, or volume, find the fix below.

If Roku YouTube sound, audio, or volume is not working, turn the ‘Volume Mode’ off within the YouTube app. To do this, while you are on YouTube, click a video to load it, then press the (*) button on your remote control. On that sub-menu, scroll to ‘Volume Mode’ and turn the settings to ‘Off.’

Roku YouTube Won’t Download/Install

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YouTube should be able to be accessed from any Roku device, which makes it rather puzzling when you find the application, but are not able to download or install it. This process should only take a few minutes at most, but when you are not able to complete the process, you are left without access to YouTube and all of its content. If you cannot gain access to the application, read below to find how to get the app operating within Roku.

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If Roku YouTube won’t download or install, it may be helpful to reset your Roku device. To do this, press the ‘Home’ button on your remote and select ‘Settings’ > ‘System’ > ‘Advanced System Settings’ > ‘Factory Reset’ > then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the reset process.

Roku Factory Reset
Factory Reset Your Roku

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