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Samsung Screen Rotation Not Working

It often happens, you go to turn on your Samsung phone to change the screen layout to better view a video and the screen won’t rotate. When your screen rotation is not working properly, this can be a very frustrating issue.

When you run into the issue of your Samsung screen not rotating, there are a few different areas that you should troubleshoot. It can come down to something as simple a wrong screen setting. Otherwise, the problem may go deeper. 

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Your phone can also face issues such as malfunctions in your Samsung device’s sensors or software glitches. Don’t panic though, below are some methods to fix your Samsung screen rotation.

Samsung Screen Rotation Won’t Work After Android Update

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Updates are inevitable, and with any new form of technology, they can come with some issues. In the past, it had been widely reported that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 had a screen rotation issue with the Android 10 update. 

In general, if a Samsung screen rotation does not work, make sure the latest Android update is installed. Also, check to see if all other apps are up to date. Out-of-date apps may have compatibility issues with the OS.

Some apps disable auto-rotate when using them if you are touching the screen itself. If you’re still facing issues with auto-rotate, as a general rule, a restart is a good place to turn. First, try turning the auto-rotate feature on and off. Secondly, restart your Samsung phone itself. 

A system update can also affect your cache. If you’ve just run a system update and either your screen rotation is stuck or not working, you may need to clear your cache. To do this, you first want to turn your phone off. Press and hold both the Volume Up key and the Power button. After a few seconds, an android logo will appear, you can then release both keys.

Wait for the Recovery screen to appear. Using the volume down button, scroll down to select the option that says ‘Wipe Cache Partition’ and then confirm that you would like to wipe the cache. It will take a moment to clear the cache. After it is completed, restart your device.

If the issue continues to persist, it is a good idea to restore your phone. Many issues, on average, can be solved once your phone is returned to its factory settings. First, back up all of your important information as restoring your phone will erase it all. Next, enter into your Settings and click General. Under General, you will see the Reset option. This will then take you to another menu where you can select Factory Restore.

Samsung Screen Rotation Turns Off/Keeps Turning Off

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If your Samsun screen rotation keeps turning off, there can be an easy fix. You want to make sure that your settings haven’t changed inadvertently. This can happen after a phone restart or update and is nothing serious.

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In the Quick Settings menu, you will find an auto-rotate icon. If auto-rotate is on, the icon will be highlighted in blue. If it is not, then your Samsung phone is currently in portrait mode. Simply turn off portrait mode and auto-rotate should engage.

You may also have the rotation turned off in the settings of certain apps that you are using. If you are facing issues with screen rotation in a particular app, go to your Settings menu, scroll down to find the app that you are having an issue with, check those settings to ensure that rotation is enabled.

Rotation settings can also be affected by the apps themselves. If you notice that this issue pops up after installing a new app on your Samsung phone, it may be because the app is either an older or newer version that is not compatible with your system. Uninstall the app to see if your rotation issue resolves. If the issue is resolved, you may need to run a system update or update the app to continue using it.

Samsung Screen Rotation Stuck

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On your Samsung phone, you may come across the issue where your auto-rotation simply gets stuck within an app. Even when switching apps, you return to find that the screen is still stuck in that position.

Oftentimes, auto-rotate can simply experience glitches or ‘freeze’ if there is an open app that you used auto-rotate on, but is currently in the background. While it may not seem like it would affect your phone, it’s good practice to restart it at least once or twice a week. This can prevent issues like auto-rotate not working.

Closing out apps when you are not using them, rather than keeping them in the background, can also help with this issue. Again, make sure that your apps are up to date. It’s a good idea to also check that the rotation settings in your app haven’t changed.

If your screen rotation is stuck on your phone as a whole, it’s time to go into settings and enable auto-rotate. Try first turning it on and off in the Quick Menu. If that doesn’t work, enter your general Settings menu and enable it there. Restart your Samsun device after turning the rotation feature on and off.

Your rotation can also get stuck due to an issue with your sensors. If your sensors are facing a calibration issue, then they cannot detect the movements when you rotate your phone. 

Samsung Screen Rotation Missing

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Sometimes you may find that when you go to turn on or off-screen rotation, the icon is missing altogether. This often seems like a bigger issue than it actually is.

Make sure that your phone is not in either portrait or landscape mode. If it is, then you will not be able to see the auto-rotate icon. Once you turn either of those modes off, you will then see and be able to turn on auto-rotate.

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Additionally, you may have just accidentally deleted the icon from your Quick Menu. You can add it back to your Quick menu through your device’s Settings.

Samsung Screen Rotation Upside Down

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Screen rotation on your Samsung phone can occasionally freeze in an upsidedown position. First, check to make sure that you haven’t accidentally locked the screen rotation features. If screen rotation is not locked, the issue might lie in your phone’s settings.

Check your system cache. Your screen rotation could be frozen in that position due to a malfunction in your cache system. Refresh your cache system and check your screen rotation. 

Make sure that all of your apps are up to date and restart your device.

Samsung Screen Rotation Unlocks Every Restart on Android

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Screen rotation can be affected when you restart your phone. If this is an issue that persists, there can be an easy fix.

Make sure that you have auto-rotation enabled. If you have apps that do not have auto-rotation enabled in their settings, it can affect your rotation settings as a whole when you restart your phone.

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