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Samsung Galaxy Touch Screen Not Working

Samsang Galaxy with different colours

When you have a Samsung Galaxy touch screen not working, the problem may be an easy fix. Your touch screen may be blurry, frozen, operating slowly, or may just not be working at all.

The touch screen is your key to operating everything on the phone, and there are a number of possible reasons, and easy fixes, for this.

Check here to see if your problem with your Samsung Galaxy touch screen not working is listed here, and use our technical solutions.

Samsung Galaxy Touch Screen Blurry

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A blurry touch screen is a screen that is not working properly on your Samsung Galaxy. There could be a number of causes.

In general, a Samsung Galaxy touch screen is blurry because it has been damaged. It might be because water has gotten inside the phone or the phone has been physically damaged.

To start, check your phone for any signs of damage or moisture. If there is an external problem, then you will need to have that examined by your service provider.

If that is not the problem, reboot the phone by pressing the Volume and Power keys down for several seconds. When it boots back up, it may be working again. If it is still not working and you have a removable battery, remove the battery, wait ten seconds, and put the battery back in. Reboot the phone again.

If the touch screen is still blurry, you may want to back your phone up onto a computer or desktop, and perform a factory reset. This will reset your phone to its original or default condition. Do this after a backup to ensure that you don’t lose anything.

If you have backed up your data onto a cloud, you may not need or wish to perform this step. Go to Settings, tap Management, and tap Reset. You can tap on Delete All to reset the phone. That could restore your touch screen to its original condition.

Samsung Galaxy Frozen Touch Screen

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When the Samsung Galaxy touch screen is frozen and not responding at all, or it is black and can not be used, there are steps that you can take to unfreeze it.

In many cases, when a Samsung Galaxy touch screen is frozen, there is a new app or new data on your phone that is causing this. Start with a reboot if you have not already done so.

You also want to remove anything that could be touching your screen, such as a screen protector, a case, or any accessories that may be near it. Make sure the screen is clean and dry. Press and hold the Volume and Power key down for 10 seconds. If you do not have a Power key, hold the Volume and Side keys down for 10 seconds. Reboot your phone as normal.

You can also try rebooting your phone in Safe Mode if the problem continues. Turn the phone off and power it up again. When you see the Samsung logo, hold the Volume Down key. The device starts in Safe Mode after this, and you will see this notation in the bottom left corner of your screen.

If you are able to use the screen while you are in Safe Mode, then the most likely cause of your Samsung Galaxy touchscreen not working is a problem with an app. Consider the apps that you have used since the touchscreen stopped working, uninstall them, and reboot your phone again without going into Safe Mode.

Samsung Galaxy Touch Screen Slow

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If the touch screen on your Samsung Galaxy is working slowly, there is a lag in the system and there could be a very easy fix.

The first step is to perform a battery pull if you have a removable battery. Pull the battery out, wait a few minutes, reinstall it, and turn the phone on. If you do not have a battery that can be removed, a forced reset while pressing and holding the Power and Volume keys down will help.

You can also optimize your device performance so that you can clear up wasted storage. Go to Settings, tap on Device Care, and tap on Optimize Now. Reboot your phone when this is complete, and your screen should be working faster.

If it is not, check to see if there are any software updates. Go to Settings, tap on Software, tap on System update. Download and Install any updates that are there.

If the screen is still working too slowly, reboot the device into Safe Mode. When the Samsung Logo reboots on startup, press and hold the Volume down key. When the phone is in Safe Mode, uninstall any unused or unnecessary apps. You may also want to uninstall any of your most recently used apps. Restart the phone.

Samsung Galaxy Won’t Respond Touch Screen

Black samsung while holding

In many cases, a faulty screen protector is the problem when you have a Samsung Galaxy touch screen not working. If your screen protector is damaged at all, your touchscreen won’t work.

Before you try any other solution, remove the screen protector and anything touching the screen to see if that resolves the problem. If it does, you may want to try using the phone without a screen protector, or, purchase a new screen protector.

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You may want to check for moisture if your touch screen isn’t functioning at all. Turn the phone off and remove everything from the phone, including battery, SIM and memory cards, any connected peripherals. Wipe every item down with a soft cloth or paper towel. Let the items dry, even if they already are. After some time, put them back into the phone. Reboot the phone again.

If it is still not working, and you suspect moisture, you can try the age old trick of putting the phone in rice. If the touch screen still won’t work, try rebooting the phone in other ways. A forced reboot or a Safe Mode reboot may be the fixes here.

When your Samsung Galaxy touch screen isn’t responding at all, start with a hard reboot or forced reset. Press and hold the Power and Volume Down key for several seconds. Turn the device back on.

If you still have a problem, optimize the performance of your phone by removing unwanted apps or data. Go into Settings and tap on Device care. Tap on Optimize. This should make some changes to your Samsung Galaxy touchscreen not working.

If the touch screen still won’t respond, remove any memory and SIM cards. Let the device rest for a few minutes. Reboot the phone without them in. Next, power the phone down, reinstall your SIM and memory cards. The lag may be gone now.

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If you are still having problems, you may have some system errors. You may be close to taking this to an expert, but you may not have to do that yet.

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