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Hulu Subtitles Not Working

Whether you are using subtitles to help accommodate a hearing loss or simply like to follow along with visible words on a screen, when using Hulu, some individuals prefer to have this feature activated, making it rather frustrating when the subtitles stop working.

If you have Hulu and the subtitles are not working, check to make sure that the issue is not limited to one specific title, disable and enable subtitles, delete the app and reinstall it, close out of the app, change the subtitle setting to ‘Auto,’ or check for a firmware update within the app.

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Subtitles are appropriate for numerous situations and occasions, making this a feature that many find themselves using at one point or another when they are in the middle of their favorite movie, a new series, or even the big game while streaming from Hulu. Subtitles work either as the main content support for some or as a secondary support to not only be able to hear what you are watching, but see it as well. Take a look below if the subtitles on Hulu are not working.

Hulu Captions Not Working

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If you have Hulu and you are trying to keep the volume down on your TV or other streaming device, would like another reference to be able to confirm what you are hearing, or need the captions to help aid with hearing loss, it can be incredibly inconvenient when the captions stop working. If you are trying to use captions for the first time or have been using them for some time and they are no longer working, what can you do to restore this function again?

If Hulu captions are not working, check to make sure that this issue is not limited to one specific title. Exit out of the title you are currently trying to watch and try another title to see if you are able to use captions from within it. If you are able to, the problem lies within the title itself.

Hulu Subtitles Not In Sync

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If you are able to see the subtitles when trying to watch something through Hulu, you may be thinking that there should be no other possible problem once the show, game, or movie begins. However, some Hulu users who prefer having subtitles when watching something have found that the subtitles are out of sync once the material starts playing. Whether the subtitles are slower or faster than how the title is playing, continue reading below to see what can be done.

If the subtitles on Hulu are not in sync, try disabling the subtitles and enabling them again. To do this, during playback, press the ‘Up’ button on your remote so that the playback bar is visible. Press ‘Up’ once more > ‘Settings’ > then select ‘Off’ and repeat the same process to turn it back on.

Hulu Subtitles Not Showing Up/Hulu Subtitles Won’t Go Away

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If the subtitles on Hulu are not showing up, be sure that you have turned on this feature. To see the steps to do this, refer back to the previous section titled “Hulu Subtitles Not In Sync” to see how to properly turn on the feature. If this feature has been turned on and you are still not able to see subtitles, it could be helpful to turn the feature off then go through the same process to turn the feature back on again, but what do you do if Hulu subtitles won’t go away?

If Hulu subtitles won’t go away, try deleting the app and reinstalling it on the device that you are using. This process will differ depending on what type of device you have Hulu downloaded to, but by deleting the app, it can cause a clean-up of any bugs that are causing the persistent issue.

Hulu Subtitles Not Showing Up/Hulu Subtitles Not Available

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Opposite of the previous issue of the subtitles in Hulu not going away is the issue of the subtitles not showing up or not showing that they are available. This may be a minor inconvenience for some, but for those with hearing problems or sound issues on their TV, it can be a major interruption that completely derails their user experience when it comes to using this streaming service. Take a look below to see how to get subtitles to show up in Hulu.

If the subtitles in Hulu are not showing up or are reading that they are not available, try completely closing out of the app. Once you have closed out of the application and you know that it is no longer open, reopen Hulu and try once again to see if the subtitles appear once enabled.

Hulu Closed Caption Keeps Turning On

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There are times when some users want the ability to turn on closed captions, but there are other times when the feature is simply unnecessary and is a bit more of a distraction than it is a help. If there are times when you don’t want closed captions to be turned on but the feature continues to be enabled without your direction, read below to see what you can do to prevent this feature from turning on constantly.

If the closed caption keeps turning on while watching a title, swipe down so that you are able to see the ‘Info’ menu. Once you are there, select ‘Subtitles’ and instead of turning them off, select the options to turn them to ‘Auto’ which should prevent them from coming on randomly.

Hulu Subtitles Keep Turning Off

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If you enable the subtitles, are able to play a title and can see the captions on your screen, and have not had any trouble with this feature working, you may be shocked when the captions suddenly turn off when you are in the middle of watching something. This causes users to have to pause their video, go back into the subtitle settings, and turn the feature back on, making the process tedious and interruptive. Therefore, what can be done to avoid this?

If Hulu’s closed caption keeps turning off, it may be that the app needs to be updated with the latest firmware. To check for any software updates, search the exact device you are trying to watch Hulu on and follow the specific steps for that particular device to find any available firmware updates.

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