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Samsung TV Not Working

Having a TV used to be a luxury but these days, it is a necessity in most homes. It not only keeps us entertained, it keeps us connected. When your Samsung TV is not working, however, you want a way to fix it as quickly as possible. Try this:

Often a Samsung TV stops working because there are issues with the remote control. It may be necessary to fully reset the remote control by removing the batteries, pushing the power button, and holding it for eight seconds. After putting the batteries back in, the signal will likely be refreshed.

Flatscreen tv in the living room

Of course, you don’t have to use the remote control in order to use the TV. You might even find that it is just as convenient push the power button on the TV and see if it is working or not.

If you do push the power button on the TV and it comes on, it is likely just a problem with the remote control. Perhaps it is just a matter of replacing the batteries or making sure there are batteries in the remote in the first place.

If your Samsung TV is still not working, there may be other issues that are behind the problem. Consider the following list of potential fixes that can help you to get your TV back up and running again.

Samsung TV Not Working

One of the first things to check if it seems as if your Samsung TV is no longer working is if it has power. The easiest way to determine if power is getting to the TV is by looking for the red LED light.

As long as the TV is plugged into a wall outlet and power is getting to the TV, the LED will be lit. If you are still having a problem getting the TV to turn on and have already decided it is not the remote control, it’s a good idea to check the power source.

The following are some of the ways you can restore power to the TV if it is no longer receiving it.

Bypass the Power Strip – One of the problems with using a power strip is the fact that it can partially fail. You are relying on a single strip to provide power to multiple electronic devices.

Since the television is the primary device you will have on the power strip in most cases, it’s a good idea to provide it with a dedicated source of power. Unplug it from the power strip and plug it directly into a wall receptacle.

Check the Receptacle – It may not be a problem with the power strip but rather, it could be an issue with the receptacle. While receptacles tend to last for a very long time, they do experience problems on occasion.

You can test the receptacle using a cheap electrical tester but you can also just plug in a lamp or another electronic device and see if it works. If the receptacle is not working, take it to the next step.

Check both sides of the receptacle to see if one of them is hot. It may be possible that half of the receptacle is switched, and the wall switch was inadvertently turned off.

It is also possible for half of the receptacle to fail. Contact an electrician to replace the receptacle if it is not working.

Check the Breaker – Go to the breaker box and look at the line of breakers. If one of them is slightly out of line and has some red showing on one side, it means that it has tripped.

We tend to overload the circuits in our home, especially when it comes to the circuits associated with our electronic equipment. If we have too many devices running on one circuit, it will overload the circuit breaker and it will trip to prevent further problems.

If the circuit breaker continues to trip on a regular basis, it’s important to rule out the possibility that the breaker isn’t bad. Unplug the devices from the receptacle and try plugging them in one at a time.

If you find that one particular electronic device causes the breaker to trip, you should discontinue the use of that device. If the breaker trips without anything plugged in, contact an electrician for help.

GFCI – We use GFCI breakers in the bathrooms and kitchens in our home. It is a way to protect ourselves and our electronic equipment from danger when it comes to short-circuiting and using electric devices around water.

From time to time, someone may also install a GFCI receptacle in other parts of the home. You might not even be connected directly to the GFCI receptacle with the test switch, as that receptacle will likely support multiple other receptacles.

If the GFCI breaker trips, you can simply push on the button on the receptacle to reset it. If it continues to trip, you may need to contact an electrician to have the receptacle changed.

Power Cable – One other thing to check is the power cord that attaches the TV to the receptacle. If it has become damaged or if any wires are showing, you should not use it.

Try Resetting the TV

This method is not always going to work if the TV is unresponsive but it is worth a try. You can perform a full reset of the TV using the remote control or by using the buttons on the TV directly.

Resetting Using the Remote – This is the option that most people tend to find easiest. You simply hold down on the power button on the remote control while the TV turns off and continue to hold it down until the TV turns back on again.

After your Samsung TV fully boots up, it will be refreshed. The memory cache will have been cleared and you will find it very easy to do. This is a great fix anytime your TV is acting sluggish.

Resetting the TV without Remote – It is also possible to reset the TV using the power button on the TV itself. First of all, make sure the TV is powered on and then unplug it from the wall.

After unplugging the TV, you should allow at least 30 seconds to pass before you plug the TV in again. At times, you may find that you need to leave the TV unplugged for several minutes or even overnight.

When you plug the TV in again, you will have to wait for a few seconds while it regains power. After pushing the power button and turning the TV on, it will go through the boot cycle and then it should be running properly.

Resetting the TV, either with or without the remote control resets the memory cache and refreshes many of the settings. You could always perform a factory reset, but that is a last-ditch effort.

If the TV won’t turn on and you see a flashing red light on the TV, it may be a problem with the surge protector. As we discussed, surge protectors fail and they aren’t the best idea for plugging in multiple electronic devices.

In order to correct this issue, simply unplug the TV from the power strip and plug it directly into the wall. If you are concerned about power surges, by a UPS device.

Samsung TV Turns On By Itself

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It can be a little disconcerting when a Samsung TV turns on by itself. The reason why it is doing it, however, is not quite so spooky.

The remote control is typically to blame if the TV turns on by itself. It’s not uncommon for them to get dirty or damaged. If something gets stuck down in the remote by a button, it can cause the button to stick and eventually, may turn the TV on. Clean the remote and it should correct the problem.

Another reason why the Samsung TV may turn on by itself is because of a peripheral device that is set to turn the TV on. Some devices, such as DVD players, automatically turn the TV on when necessary.

You can correct this issue by navigating through the settings on your Samsung device to Settings > General > External Device Manager > AnyNet > Off

Otherwise, you can reset the TV by unplugging it from the wall for 30 seconds. Make sure that it is powered on when you unplug it. When you plug the TV back into the wall and turn it on, it will refresh the memory cache and solve the problem.

Samsung TV Keeps Restarting / Samsung TV Reboot Loop

Flatscreen tv in the living room

If your Samsung TV continues to reboot and is stuck in a loop, there is hope on the horizon. Try this fix that has helped many.

Loose power cables will often result in a TV rebooting in a loop fashion. It will get enough power to start the process, but by the time the startup process has been completed, it shuts down and restarts again. 

Another issue could be a software problem. If the software has not fully finished uploading and installing, it could reboot multiple times until it finally finishes.

Another issue that you may want to consider is the possibility of the remote control going bad. It may be turning off the TV occasionally and turning it back on immediately.

If you are stuck in a reboot loop, force the TV to restart by unplugging it, leaving it unplugged for 30 seconds, and plugging it back in again.

Resolution Not Supported Samsung TV

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There may be times when you get a message that the resolution is not supported on your Samsung TV. Here is how to fix it.

Typically, the problem with a resolution not being supported has to do with a setting on the device that is sending the signal. It could be your Xbox, a cable box, or a DVD player. Go into the settings for that particular device and switch them to a common setting, such as 1080 P.

It may also be necessary to upgrade the cables that attach those devices to the TV. If you are trying to run new devices with outdated cables, it is not going to work well.

Samsung TV No Picture Has Sound

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If you have a problem with your Samsung TV showing pictures but not having sound, it is an issue that can be fixed easily.

The most common reason why a Samsung TV does not have sound is that there is conflicting software running on the TV. You can clear out the memory cache by unplugging the TV, holding in the power button for 30 seconds, and then plugging the TV back in again.

For those who use the One Connect Box to handle the TV wires in your home, this could also be an issue. In fact, it is a known issue but it is also one that is relatively easy to fix.

Inspect the One Connect Box and see if it is giving you an error message. It could be as simple as a cable needing replaced or tightened.

Samsung TV Display Not Working

Confused Man while watching TV

Is the display on your Samsung TV no longer working? Here are some options that may get it working again.

One of the more common reasons why the display is not working is because the TV is not turned on. It may sound simplistic, but if the batteries in the remote are dead and you are trying to turn the TV on using the remote, it is not going to work. Try pushing the power button on the TV directly.

Otherwise, it may be an external device that is connected to the TV and is causing a conflict.

One of the external devices that can cause problems with the Samsung TV display is the One Connect Box. It is very convenient for keeping track of our wires and for organizing things but if it is not working properly, the TV may not work at all.

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Samsung TV Not 4K

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We sometimes purchase a Samsung TV because we want to watch high-definition movies and television shows. If it isn’t running 4K for you, here are some things to consider.

A common reason why you aren’t seeing 4K is that the HDMI cable is not plugged in properly. It needs to be plugged into the HDMI port that is specific for 4K. Try plugging into different ports on the TV and look for symbols next to the port that would indicate it is for high-definition video.

In addition, you may be having problems with video equipment attached to the TV.

If you’re trying to stream something in 4K and it is not working, it may be a problem with the Internet. Test the Internet speed and if necessary, reboot the router to freshen the signal.

You may also need to stream 4K at times of the day when it is not as busy in your area. Some Internet providers are limited when many people in the area are streaming.

Samsung TV Backlight But No Picture

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If the screen is lit on your Samsung TV but you aren’t seeing the picture, you may need to replace a part.

The most common reason why you are seeing the back screen lit but no picture is because the mainboard is fried. It is something that is relatively easy to fix. Just make sure that you aren’t opening your TV to replace a part if it is under warranty because that could void the warranty.

Before you open the TV, you might want to try rebooting it. With the TV turned on, unplug the TV, wait 30 seconds, and plug it back in again. Check the screen and see if it is fixed.

Mode Not Supported On Samsung TV Problem

Confused Man while watching TV

If you are getting a PC mode not supported error, there is something you can do to help fix the problem.

The reason why the PC mode is not supported on some TVs is that the TV and the PC are not communicating properly. It may be due to a loose computer wire or perhaps because of a software or driver conflict. You may need to adjust the settings so the display size is appropriate for a PC connection.

It is important to know what the TV will support. In many cases, a computer will offer more options than the TV is able to handle. Check the TV information and then set it to an appropriate resolution.

Samsung TV Equalizer Settings Not Working

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We want to have the best sound out of our Samsung TV that we possibly can. If your TV equalizer is not working, you are missing out on some of the sound quality.

One reason why sound may not be working on your Samsung TV is that it needs to be reset. In the settings, navigate to sound, expert settings, reset sound. After selecting okay, it will likely start working again.

You also need to ensure that you did not select the wrong speakers in the settings menu. In many homes, there are multiple speaker options available, including some external speakers that are used for the majority of the sound.

If you don’t have the settings established properly, you will not likely hear the sound as expected. You will not be able to use the equalizer until the settings are changed.

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If your Samsung TV is not working, the first thing you should check is the remote control. Take out the batteries and hold down the power button for 10 seconds. You might also want to check the remote by adding new batteries or perhaps by cleaning it carefully to ensure that something is not stuck in one of the buttons.

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