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Sony TV Remote Not Working

The beauty of having a remote control with your Sony TV is the ability to be able to control your TV without ever having to lift anything besides your finger to do so. If you have a Sony Tv and your remote control is not working, what can be done to get things back into working order?

If your Sony TV remote is not working, be sure that the batteries are working and of good quality, remove the batteries and press the power button for three seconds, try unjamming any stuck buttons, reset the remote, and press the “TV” function button on your remote control.

Holding a remote while pointing in the TV

There was at a time when controlling your TV meant getting up from your favorite chair, meandering over to your set, and using the buttons on that same TV set to either turn the volume up and down, change the channel, or turn the device off and on. Luckily, with modern inventions, watching a Sony TV has become much more comfortable. However, if the remote for your Sony TV is suddenly not working, read on to find out what you can do.

Sony TV Remote Not Working

Before diving into more specific problems, there is a more general fix for Sony TV remotes that are not working. After all, when it comes to troubleshooting a remote that will not work, one of the last things individuals want is a complicated process to get their remote up and running again. Therefore, if you are experiencing issues with your Sony TV remote not working, take a look below to find out what the most common issue is and how you can fix it.

If your Sony TV remote isn’t working, the first thing you need to do is check to make sure that the batteries within the remote are not dead and are properly placed. Replace any old batteries with high-quality batteries and insert the positive and negative ends as indicated on the remote.

Sony TV Not Responding To Remote

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If you have replaced the batteries in the remote control of your Sony TV but notice that the TV is still not responding, you are still left looking for a solution that will work. Sony TVs are able to be controlled by a remote control by intercepting a signal that is relayed from the remote to the TV. When this happens, you can operate your TV with ease, but if the TV is not responding to the remote control, what other solutions may fix this issue?

If your Sony TV isn’t responding to the remote, it could be a problem caused by static electricity within the batteries. To fix this, remove the batteries from the remote and hold down the power button for three seconds. Then, reinsert the batteries and see if the TV responds to the remotes command.

Sony TV Remote Volume Button Not Working

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If you are in the middle of watching an action movie or are trying to play music from your Sony TV, you want the ability to control the volume of your TV without having to get up and change the volume manually. This affords users the ability to quickly respond to dramatic changes in volume without having to interrupt their physical position. If you are able to turn on your TV and perform other commands, what can you do if the volume button suddenly stops working?

If the volume button on your Sony TV is not working, it could be a problem as simple as the button being jammed. To unjam the button, press down on the button rapidly and with enough force that the pressure is not too light to leave no effect, but too hard that the button jams even tighter.

Sony TV Won’t Turn On With Remote

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Outside of being able to control the volume of your TV with your remote control, users especially want the ability to turn their TV on without having to think twice about this. This allows for quick check-ins to games without having to enter completely into the room, speedy power-ups for those dying to watch the finale of their favorite show, and the ability to watch without having to locate the power button on the TV. What do you do if the TV won’t turn on with the remote?

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If your Sony TV Won’t turn on with the remote control, after confirming that the power button is not jammed, try resetting the remote. To do this, remove the batteries from the remote and press every button on the remote twice. Once done, reinsert the batteries and try to power on the TV once more.

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Sony TV Won’t Turn Off With Remote

Disappointed man holding a remote

Just as important as being able to turn on your Sony TV with your remote is being able to turn it off with the remote as well. If you are in bed and ready to wrap up the nightly news, no one wants to have to get up to turn the TV off so they can sleep peacefully, therefore, a solution must be found to accommodate a way of life that works smart, not hard. If your remote control will not turn off your Sony TV, take a look below to see what you can do.

If your Sony TV won’t turn off with the remote, you can try replacing the batteries to confirm old batteries are not the issue. If this is not the problem, try resetting the remote control, which can be found in the previous section, “Sony TV Won’t Turn On With Remote.”

Sony TV Remote Won’t Change Channels

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If you have a Sony TV and are using a cable or satellite service, you must be able to change the channels to switch between different content. This can be done by using the channel buttons on the back of your TV, but it is a much more inconvenient and time-consuming method. If you have a remote with your Sony TV and it won’t change channels, continue reading to see what you can do to get this function up and running again within a few moments.

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If your Sony TV remote won’t change channels, it could be that your remote is in the wrong mode. If ‘Satellite’ or ‘Input’ have been selected, the remote cannot control the channels. Therefore, select the ‘TV’ button on your remote to grant your remote access to this function.

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