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Vizio TV Screen Blue/Green/White/No Color

Vizio is one of the more affordable smart TVs on the market. While not as expensive as their other smart tv competitors, Vizio TVs are known for producing high-quality pictures. No smart TV is immune to having issues and Vizio is no exception.

A Vizio TV displaying blue, green, white, or no color often signals an incorrect input source selection. Ensure the correct source (e.g., HDMI1, HDMI2) is selected using the TV’s remote. Adjusting to the right input should bring the display back to its normal appearance.

TV with blue screen

Another reason for color anomalies in Vizio TV screens is a faulty cable connection. Damaged HDMI or AV cables can lead to display issues. Inspect your cables for any visible damage and securely reconnect them. If in doubt, try using a different cable to ascertain if the issue lies there.

Additionally, internal software glitches can sometimes cause color display problems. Performing a hard reset can rectify such issues. To do this, unplug the TV from the power outlet, wait for a few minutes, then plug it back in. If the problem persists, navigate to the TV’s settings and check for any available firmware updates to ensure optimal performance.

Vizio TV Green Screen

Frustrated woman looking at the green screen tv

A green screen is typically something you only want to see if you are watching how your favorite action movie was filmed. It is not a welcomed sight if you are trying to enjoy the action movie itself.

The Vizio TV will have a green screen if there is damage to the color display component within the TV’s hardware. One cause of this damage is exposure to anything with a magnetic field. Remove any decorative items, kid’s toys, and speakers from near the TV.

Change Picture Settings

A completely green screen is an indicator of a problem within the picture settings. There are two settings that you can adjust that will remove the green screen if there is not a hardware issue.

For the first setting, go into your TV’s settings and select ‘Picture’. Scroll down to ‘Expert Settings’ and then choose ‘HDR Mode’. Turn off HDR mode to see if this resolves the issue. If you want to keep the TV in HDR mode or the screen is still green, here is another step to try.

While in ‘Expert Settings’, scroll to ‘RGB Only Mode’. You will see options for red, blue, and green. Turn the green setting off and the screen will return to normal. You can also adjust the brightness settings here to remove any lingering haze of green.

Vizio TV Blue Screen

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While blue may be a little easier on the eyes than green, a blue screen is still a sign that something within the Vizio TV is not right. Often a blue screen is associated with a video source within the TV.

Generally speaking, your Vizio TV will have a blue screen if you are on the wrong input source. Use the remote to cycle through the TV input sources until an image displays on the screen. Tighten any coaxial connections. Make sure HDMI cables are securely connected.

Service Mode

TV’s have an EPROM, or Erasable Programmable Read Only Mode, that stores information for quick access. This memory becomes full over time and needs to be cleared. A blue screen could be an indicator that this memory bank is full and the TV is now in service mode.

When the TV is in service mode, it will display various colors as it cycles though looking for any non-active pixels. The only way to stop the service mode is to reset the TV. Begin by unplugging the TV. Press and hold the power button on the TV for 30 seconds and then plug the TV back in.

Disconnect External Devices

Any communication errors between the Vizio TV and other connected devices could result in a blue screen. Unplug each device and then reconnect to the TV, one by one, to determine which device is interfering with the TV’s picture.

Vizio TV Split Screen

Frustrated man watching TV

Vizio TVs come with PIP or POP options. You can either have a picture inside a picture, picture outside of a picture. This is a great feature if you’re scrolling through channels while there’s a commercial, but it’s not so great if this feature gets stuck.

Adjust Factory Settings

The PIP or POP setting could be stuck. Use the TV remote to navigate to the PIP settings and turn it off. If this does not work, you can reset the TV by unplugging it for 30 seconds. This should refresh everything and allow you to adjust the PIP settings.

T-Con Board Issue

The T-Con Board located in the back of the TV is the control board that relays messages to every part of the TV. If this board is damaged or defective, the Vizio screen display will be affected.

To access this board, unplug the TV and remove the back panel of the TV. The T-Con board is located at the bottom of the TV. There will be three connections to the T-Con board. One connection runs to the mainboard, and the two bottom connections are for the buffer board.

You will focus on the ribbon that is on the side of the TV with no picture. Make sure the ribbon is inserted correctly and is flush. You can lift up on the tab to remove the ribbon and readjust it. You can also use a Q-tip and rubbing alcohol to gently clean the ribbon board. Once the board is dry, insert the ribbon and close the tab.

If this does not resolve the issue, the T-Con board will need to be replaced. There are many online videos of how to do this however finding a replacement panel can be difficult and it is often expensive.

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Vizio TV No Picture

Frustrated man looking at the blank screen tv

After hours of a family discussion on what to watch, everyone is finally in agreement. An enjoyable family evening should ensue except you quickly discover there is a problem – your Vizio TV is not displaying a picture.

If your Vizio TV has no picture, check the input connections. Make sure the connected devices are powered on and you are on the correct input source. Check the batteries in the remote. Soft reset TV to clear any glitches and force any pending updates.

Check Other Media Devices

If there are multiple media devices connected to your Vizio TV, the issue may not be with the TV. Try displaying an image from another connected device such as a Blu-Ray player or gaming console. If no picture is displayed, the issue is with the external device.

Adjust Picture Settings

Sometimes it is something simple that fixes the problem. If your Vizio TV’s picture settings are not correct, you could get a blank screen. Go to your TV’s settings and select ‘Picture’. Choose ‘Picture Mode’ and scroll through your TV’s picture settings. Try each setting to see if one resolves the issue.

Hard Reset TV

Performing a hard reset of your Vizio TV will return the TV back to its factory default settings. You will lose any stored information but the reset will clear the TV of any glitches and force any pending updates that could be affecting the TV’s performance.

To perform a hard reset, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Using the remote, press the ‘Menu’ button.

Step 2: Select ‘System’.

Step 3: Select ‘Reset and Admin’.

Step 4: Scroll down to ‘Reset To Factory Settings’.

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Contact Vizio Support

If you continue to have no picture displayed after performing a hard reset, contact a Vizio Support agent. They will be able to give you more in-depth recommendations or advise you on replacing the TV.

Vizio TV White Screen

Frustrated man looking at the blank screen tv

If your Vizio TV displays a white screen, it may be experiencing a backlight issue. The TV’s backlight system illuminates the screen, and when malfunctioning, can result in a white or very bright display. To troubleshoot, try decreasing the backlight setting via the TV’s menu and observe if there’s any change in display quality.

Another potential cause for a white screen on a Vizio TV is a faulty T-Con board. The T-Con board manages the visuals displayed on the screen, and if damaged, it can lead to various display anomalies, including a white screen. In such cases, the board might need repair or replacement, best done by professionals.

Additionally, software or firmware glitches can occasionally lead to display issues. Consider performing a factory reset on your Vizio TV. However, be aware that this will erase your personalized settings and return the TV to its original state. If opting for this, navigate to the settings menu, find the “Reset & Admin” option, and choose “Reset TV to Factory Settings.” If problems persist post-reset, checking for firmware updates or seeking professional diagnostics is recommended.

Vizio TV Black And White

Frustrated man looking at the blank screen tv

A black and white screen could be an indicator the inverter board inside the TV has gone bad. The invert board is essential to displaying a picture on the screen. One way to test this is by shining a flashlight on the screen while the TV is on. If you see an image on the screen, this means the inverter has gone bad. If this is the case, you will need to replace the TV.

If your Vizio TV is displaying a black and white screen, make sure the audio and video connections are in the correct ports. Make sure the colored jacks are in the correct color ports. If the TV has recently been moved, make sure the cables are tightly connected.

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