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Xbox Controller Vibration Broken/Not Working

Vibration can provide that feeling of immersion many players crave in a game. For example, racing games are more fun when you feel the controller moving in your hands like a steering wheel. Vibration can make the game boss’s rumbling footsteps more intimidating or add that extra touch of realism to an avalanche or fall. If your Xbox One controller vibration is broken, you’ll likely miss it when it’s gone.

One common reason for an Xbox controller’s vibration feature not working is that it’s disabled in the settings. To fix this, navigate to the settings menu on your Xbox console. Go to ‘Devices & connections’, select ‘Accessories’, and choose your controller. Look for the vibration settings and ensure that the ‘Vibrate’ option is turned on. Enabling this setting should restore the vibration function to your controller.

Battery power can significantly impact the vibration function of an Xbox controller. When the batteries are low, the controller might disable the vibration feature to conserve power.

Replacing the batteries with fresh ones or using a fully charged rechargeable battery pack can resolve this issue. Once the controller has adequate power, the vibration function should work as intended.

Another factor could be firmware issues with the controller. Outdated or corrupted firmware can lead to various functional problems, including vibration issues.

To address this, connect the controller to your Xbox console and check for firmware updates. Go to ‘Devices & connections’ and ‘Accessories’, select your controller, and choose ‘Device info’ to find the ‘Firmware version’. If an update is available, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the update process. Updating the controller’s firmware can fix bugs and restore its vibration functionality.

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This article will discuss troubleshooting tips that may help you figure out what is wrong and give you pointers on fixing some of these problems, with solutions to both hardware and software issues. Finally, we’ll go over how to get the controller vibration experience you want — even if it’s no vibration at all!

How Does My Xbox Controller Vibrate?

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Your Xbox One Controller has four motors called “rumbles,” which are two small motors positioned behind the triggers. When you pull these triggers, you get a mild vibration like firing a gun. Two larger rumbles sit below your palms.

The left motor is larger and produces a sense of shaking, where the right motor is smaller, and its motion is more like trembling. When you feel footsteps coming, the right motor is probably doing the work. When a shell hits near your hideout, the left motor provides the rumbling.

Each rumble motor’s shaft rotates an uneven weight. As the weight spins, the imbalance makes the rumble vibrate. This vibration carries through the controller and into your hands.

Xbox One Controller Won’t Vibrate/Xbox Controller Vibration Not Working/Stopped Working

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If your Xbox One Controller rumble is not working, here are a few things to check:

  • Are your controller batteries charged? When your batteries run low, the controller turns off vibration to conserve their remaining charge. Replace your batteries and see if vibration comes back.
  • Which rumble is not working? If you have only lost vibration in one trigger or on one side, you probably have a hardware issue. If all your rumbles are giving you a problem, the issue may be hardware or software problems.
  • Does vibration work with a different controller? Switch to another controller. If you still don’t get vibration, chances are the issue lies with the game.
  • Does your game support vibration? Not all games support controller vibration. Check the game documentation and search to see if others have reported vibration issues with this game.

Xbox One Controller Rumble Not Working

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If one of your rumble motors is not working, you will probably need to replace your Xbox controller. If you are comfortable with soldering and voiding your controller’s remaining warranty, you can try replacing the rumble motor yourself.

iFixit provides a guide to installing a new rumble motor in an Xbox wireless controller. Please be advised that iFixit rates this process as “Difficult.”

This YouTube video provides a brief introduction to using a soldering iron for repairing Xbox controller issues:

Be aware that any “fixes” you attempt will void the warranty, and if you end up damaging the controller, you will not be able to return it.

My Xbox Controller Vibrates but Won’t Turn On

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People using Xbox controllers on Windows computers have reported an occasional error where the controller vibrates when plugged in but does not turn on. If this happens to you, check your Device Manager to see if your computer recognizes the controller.

The problem may lie with your USB cable. Cheap USB cables are poorly made and frequently fail. Check to see that you are not using a USB charger cable. While these pass the charge through to your controller’s battery, they will not allow communication between the controller and the computer.

Xbox One Controller Vibration Is Too Strong

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You enjoy the controller vibration when you are playing, but a little goes a long way. Some game developers do not use the rumble at all, while some crank the vibration up to 11.

If you are using a regular controller, you have two choices with vibration: “On” and “Off.” However, the Xbox One Elite Series 2 Controller lets you adjust the rumbles to suit your taste. The Elite Controller is expensive but gives you great flexibility in customizing thumbstick tension, vibration control, dead zone adjustment, and button mapping to voice commands.

My Xbox Controller Won’t Stop Vibrating

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If your Xbox controller is constantly vibrating, check to see if your firmware is up to date. If this is happening when you play on a Windows PC, your operating system may be an issue. Try downloading any updates. If a recent update is making your Xbox One Controller vibrate constantly, try rolling back to a previous version.

Xbox One Controller Vibration Test

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For a handy Xbox One Controller Vibration test, download the free Game Controller Tester. The Game Controller Tester not only checks your controller’s vibration but also tests your thumbsticks and buttons.

If you want to share your findings with Microsoft and other Xbox users, download the Xbox Insider Bundle. This bundle includes the Report a Problem app. Report a problem lets you report issues immediately.

Xbox One Controller Vibration Broken

If you believe that your vibration is broken, and you have tried the above methods with no success, it might be time to let Microsoft know about your vibration issues:

  1. Press and hold the “Xbox” button.
  2. Choose “Report a Problem.” This opens the Report a Problem app.
  3. Select “Report New Problem.” Describe your problem in the title (i.e., “Xbox One Controller Vibration Stopped Working”).
  4. Select the category and subcategory of your problem.
  5. Provide information for the following questions. What is the problem? What were you doing when you encountered the problem. Were you using any additional software, hardware, or accessories? Did you receive any error codes or messages?
  6. Submit.

The Xbox Insider Bundle also gives you access to the Xbox Insider Program. The Xbox Insider Program lets you provide feedback about system updates. As you contribute, you can even earn access to features and games in development!

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How Do I Turn Off the Vibration on My Controller?

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While many players enjoy the controller vibration feature, some find it annoying. If you want to disable controller vibration for all games which use this feature:

  1. Go to “Settings.”
  2. Scroll to “Devices & Streaming,”
  3. Choose “Accessories.” Choose your controller, and select “Configure.”
  4. Select “Turn Off Vibration.”
  5. Go to the Drop-Down Menu at the top of the configuration profile.
  6. Select “Slot 1.” This slot is now the default configuration for this controller.

You may find that you miss the vibration feature on some games and want it back. Repeat the steps above and select “Turn On Vibration.”

If you would like, you can go to the drop-down menu and select “Slot 2.” This new slot will allow you to quickly turn the vibration feature on for games where you desire controller vibration and then switch it off should you want vibration-free gaming.

How Do I Make My Xbox One Controller Vibrate Constantly?

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Gaming for hours can be great fun, but sometimes it leads to a stiff neck and aching back. When you’ve spent too much time playing games, here is a games that will soothe those sore muscles.

Ultimate Massage lets you use your Xbox controller to vibrate away the kinks. Ultimate Massage gives you a choice between the left (rough) or right (smooth) vibration motor — or lets you activate both motors at once. Ultimate Massage allows you to adjust vibration intensity and offers a pulse mode that will quickly vibrate away those shoulder knots.

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Use your controller massage feature wisely. The rumble motors in your Xbox controller were designed for occasional vibrations, not constant use. Too many massages may damage your controller.

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