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Blink Camera Not Detecting/Recording

Security cameras have become commonplace in many homes today. Blink offers a line of outdoor and indoor cameras that are affordable and easy to use. You can have peace of mind knowing your family and home and being looked after.

If your Blink Camera is not detecting/recording, move the Sync Module closer to the camera. Make sure the camera has a strong internet connection. Replace batteries with fresh alkaline batteries. Increase sensitivity of motion detection sensor.

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Blink Cameras allow you to view a live feed from the camera and also to store video clips. Unfortunately, Blink Cameras are not without their faults. But this article will help you to troubleshoot those issues so you can think about more important matters in life.

Blink Camera Armed But Not Recording

If your Blink camera is armed but not recording, there could be several reasons why. Some common causes include low battery, poor Wi-Fi connectivity, or incorrect camera settings. Here are some troubleshooting steps you can try:

  1. Check the battery: Make sure that the battery in your Blink camera is fully charged. If the battery is low, try replacing it with a fresh one.
  2. Check the Wi-Fi connectivity: Ensure that your Blink camera is connected to a stable Wi-Fi network. If the Wi-Fi signal is weak or unstable, try moving the camera closer to the router.
  3. Check the camera settings: Make sure that the camera is set up to record when motion is detected. This can be done through the Blink app settings menu.
  4. Restart the camera: Try restarting the Blink camera by unplugging it from the power source and plugging it back in.
  5. Contact support: If none of these solutions work, you may need to contact Blink customer support or a professional repair service for further assistance.

Blink Camera Not Detecting Motion

white blink camera on the table

Blink Cameras are designed to turn on when motion is detected. That motion is then recorded and can be played back. If your Blink Camera is not detecting motion, here are some possible reasons why.

The Blink Camera will not detect motion if there are battery-saving restrictions enabled. These restrictions will slow down the camera’s response time or cause it to not work at all. Go to the Blink app settings and go to Battery > Power > disable Battery Saving option.

Once you have disabled the Battery Saving option, go back to the Battery setting and this time select ‘Power’ > ‘Blink App’ > ‘No Restrictions’. This will disable all battery-saving options in the app and on the camera.

Recent Software Update

If your Blink Camera recently had a software update and is now not detecting motion, the update could have caused a glitch in the software. It is possible there was a pause in the install process, causing old software to still be active.

Restarting the camera and Sync Module will help to clear these glitches, Simply unplug the module from its power source and remove the batteries from the camera. Let the camera and module rest for 10 seconds before restoring power to both. Reconnect to the Wi-Fi and the update will resume.

Motion Detection Setting

We’ve all done it. We turn something on and when it doesn’t work, we immediately jump to the conclusion it is broken. It’s also about this time when someone walks up and plugs the item in. It happens.

This could be the case with your Blink Camera. If your camera is not detecting motion, make sure the motion detection setting is on. Also, make sure the sensitivity setting is not set too high. Be sure to save your preferences so you’re not embarrassed the next time it doesn’t work.

Network Connection

When it comes to electronic devices, all roads lead to the network. This will be repeated several times within this article. Most issues with the Blink Camera or the Sync Module can be traced back to the network connection.

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Blink Cameras require at least 3 bars of full signal strength and 2.4 GHz to operate correctly. If your network is slow or has constant interruptions, the Blink Camera system will not detect motion.

Camera Placement

Blink Cameras are designed to work outdoors and indoors. That being said, an outdoor camera should not be placed inside, facing out a window or other glass surface. The heat transfer from the window and glass will interfere with the camera’s ability to truly detect motion.

Blink Camera Motion Detection Range

Blink camera on the wall

The Blink Camera line is small and discrete. Whether you are keeping an eye on your little one sleeping upstairs or you are watching the house while you are at work, the cameras are designed to detect any motion.

The Blink Camera motion detection range is 20 feet. The camera has a field view range of 110 ° and can scan facial features at a distance of 30 feet. Open the Live View when installing the camera to determine the best range of motion for your location.

The Blink Camera can scan and display facial features at 30 feet but at 32 feet the features are not as clear. An individual is still recognizable but it is not a high-quality caption.

Blink Camera Not Recording Motion

Table blink camera on the table

You have installed your camera in the perfect location. You have checked and double-checked the field of view. You are now ready to try it out. You have your kids run across the lawn but you are not notified of any motion. What went wrong?

If your Blink Camera is not recording motion, make sure the camera is set to Armed. This setting is what enables the camera to record motion and send notifications. Go to the Blink app and tap on the icon that looks like a running man and then select ‘Armed’.

The Blink Camera relies on Passive Infrared to detect heat signatures of objects in its path. If there is an object or another electronic device that interferes with this signal, the camera will not be able to accurately detect and record motion.

Blink Camera Not Taking Pictures

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A major component to the Blink Camera working properly is the Sync Module. The Sync Module is the brain between the Camera and the app. If the camera is not taking pictures, the problem could lie with the Sync Module.

If the Blink Camera is not taking pictures, make sure the Sync Module is connected to the correct Wi-Fi network and has a strong signal. Unplug the module from its power source for 30 seconds to refresh the system and clear any glitches.

The Blink Camera does not come with Wi-Fi equipped. It’s just a camera. The module is what allows the camera to connect to the internet. The two are dependent on each other. Make sure the Sync Module and Camera are within a reasonable distance of each other so the camera can work correctly.

Blink Camera Not Saving To USB

Blink camera on the wall

Newer versions of the Blink Camera line now come with a USB port. If you have a Blink subscription, your videos are automatically backed up. Once the subscription ends, you can use the USB port to save videos locally.

If the Blink Camera is not saving to USB, make sure you are using the correct style USB. Not all USB flash drives are created equal. The Blink 2 module only supports USB drives that are between 1 GB and 256 GB, have more than 375 MG of free space and can be inserted into a Type-A port.

USB flash drives are designed to last for decades but as with most electronics these days, they can become outdated. You can either use a new flash drive or try to reformat the one you have. The following steps will walk you through how to reformat your USB on either a Windows PC or Mac OS.

Windows PC

Step 1: Insert USB into the computer and open File Explorer.

Step 2: Once you find your USB in File Explorer, right-click on the USB and select ‘Format’.

Step 3: Select ‘File System’ > ‘exFat’ > ‘Start’.

Step 4: Once the USB has been reformatted you will see a ‘Format Complete’ message.


Step 1: Insert USB into computer and open ‘Finder Window’.

Step 2: Open ‘Launchpad’.

Step 3: Select ‘DIsk Utility’.

Step 4: Click on the USB and then select ‘Erase’ > ‘exFat’ > ‘Erase’.

Blink Camera Not Uploading

Blink Cameras allow you to upload your content to either the cloud or a USB flash drive. You can also view the images on the Blink app.

If the Blink Camera is not uploading, move the camera closer to the Sync Module. Install Wi-Fi extenders or boosters to ensure a strong internet connection for content to be uploaded. Power cycle the router to improve signal strength.

Resetting the modem and router will help to refresh the Wi-Fi connection and clear any glitches that could be interfering with the camera uploaded content.

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Blink Camera Offline But Still Recording

Black and white blink camera

The Blink Camera will not record without a stable internet connection. If the camera loses a Wi-Fi connection, it will remain operational, but it is not recording or able to provide a live view or notifications.

If the Blink Camera is offline but still recording, uninstall and reinstall the Blink app. A glitch between the app and the camera could be causing the camera to appear offline when it is not. Restart the viewing device as well.

If there was a recent power outage, the connection between the camera and the Sync Module could be frozen. Restart the Sync Module by unplugging it for a few seconds.

Blink Camera Not Recording Sometimes

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We mentioned early on in this article that you would hear ‘network connection’ repeated. Here we go again. If your Blink Camera is in an area that does not have a strong internet connection, the camera will not be able to record images.

If you live in an area that has an unreliable internet signal, it would be wise to invest in Wi-Fi extenders or Wi-Fi Mesh. These external devices will extend your current Wi-Fi signal and boost the signal strength.

If your Blink Camera is not recording sometimes, adjust the delay in the Retrigger Time. This is the time between the cameras detecting motion and recording. If the retrigger time is too long, any motion in the time frame will not be detected and will not be recorded.

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