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Blink Camera Not Working

Security cameras have become a mainstay in many homes today. Whether you want to keep an eye on things while you’re on vacation or at work, Blink security cameras allow you to have peace of mind when you’re away from home.

If your Blink Camera is not working, the Sync Module may not be communicating with the camera. Run a scan of your network settings. Move the Blink camera closer to the Sync Module. Restart the camera by removing the batteries for 10 seconds.

Different kinds of Blink Camera

Blink manufactures cameras that can be used inside or outside. If you have a Blink Camera that is not working properly, continue reading for troubleshooting suggestions so you can get back to having peace of mind.

Blink Camera Not Working In Dark

Blink camera on the wall

Our eyes are amazing in the detail they can see but we are not able to see in the dark. Blink Cameras allow you to see what is happening outside at night. If this feature of the camera is not working, here are some possible reasons why.

If your Blink Camera is not working in the dark, make sure the IR emitter is not covered. The IR emitter needs to be kept clear so it can detect any motion. Make sure the housing case for the camera or any other object such as plants or trees are not blocking the IR emitter.

Another possible reason why your Blink Camera is not working in the dark could be the settings. Blink Cameras default setting is Auto. This enables the camera to automatically come on when motion is detected.

To see if this setting has been changed, go to the Blink app and select Camera Settings > Night Vision category > Auto or On. The Control setting allows you to adjust the night vision setting with either Control or Intensity.

Adjust Control Settings

The Control setting allows you to control when the night vision feature is activated. The camera’s default setting is auto, which means it will turn on anytime it is dark.

The On setting means night vision will be on at all times, even during the day. If the Off setting is chosen, the camera will not turn on, despite motion being detected.

Adjust Intensity Settings

The Intensity setting is a useful feature when there is a lot of glare. If there are cars parked close by or street lights, the Blink camera will pick up the glare from these objects. It is best to open up the live view of your Blink camera to know whether or not this setting needs to be adjusted.

Blink Camera Not Working With Alexa

Table blink camera on the table

Alexa has become a member of the family in most households. She will tell you the weather, the joke of the day, and even remind you to pick up the dry cleaning. The greatest feature is the ability to use Alexa to monitor your security cameras.

If the Blink Camera is not working with Alexa, make sure both Alexa and the Blink Camera are receiving adequate power and are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Unplug both the router and the camera for 30 seconds to clear any glitches and reset the network connection.

Alexa is dependent upon certain command words in order to access certain information. If the commands within Alexa for the Blink camera do not match, Alexa will not connect to the camera. Go to the Alexa app and verify the camera name is listed correctly.

Establish Connection

It is also possible that something went wrong during the initial setup. You will need to re-establish the link between the Blink Camera and Alexa.

Step 1: Go into the Alexa app and tap on Devices.

Step 2: Select Deregister and disconnect the camera.

Step 3: After a few seconds, go back to Devices and select the + icon.

Step 4: Add device and Blink Camera.

Step 5: Follow the on-screen instructions to reconnect Alexa and your Blink Camera.

Blink Camera Not Recognized/Found

white blink camera on the table

It can be extremely frustrating when you are trying to set up your Blink Camera and they are not being recognized/found by the Wi-FI network. If you are experiencing this issue, here are some things to try.

If your Blink Camera is not recognized/found, there may be pending updates that are preventing your camera from connecting to the Wi-Fi network. Go to the Blink app and install any pending firmware updates. Once the updates are installed, connect to the Wi-fi network.

Network Frequencies

If the network connections are not compatible, the camera will not be able to connect to the Wi-Fi. For instance, if your router provides a 5 GHz network connection and the camera is trying to connect to a 2.4 GHz network, the two will not be able to communicate.

You can adjust the router settings or use a dual-band router so you can split the frequencies. For future installation, it may also be helpful to add “2.4” to the name of the network the camera wants to connect to.

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Network Name

Some older versions of the Blink Camera have firmware that does not recognize special characters in the network name. Temporarily change your SSID and password to see if this allows your Blink Camera to be recognized by the network.

Remove Interference

If the router is too far from the Sync Module, the Blink Camera will not be found. Move the router closer to the Sync Module and remove any other electronic devices that could interfere with the signal.

Blink Camera Not Charging

Blink camera on the wall

Blink Cameras come with two rechargeable features that allow for continued use of the camera. Whether you choose to use batteries or a USB cable, the camera is designed to last for a long time.

If your Blink Camera is not charging, start with the batteries. Make sure you are using Lithium batteries, and not alkaline or rechargeable batteries. Check the battery compartment for any dirt or debris that could interfere with a positive charge.

USB Cover

The USB port has a rubberized cover that is waterproof. If this cover is missing or otherwise obstructed, water could get into the USB port and damage the camera’s ability to charge with a USB.

Power Source

If you are using a USB cable to charge your Blink camera, examine the cable for any signs of wear and tear. Test the connectivity of the cable by using it to charge another device.

If you are connected to a wall outlet to charge your USB cable, make sure the outlet is receiving sufficient power. If the outlet is a GFCI, press the Reset/Test button and try again.

Blink Camera Not Turning On

white blink camera on the table

Electronics, unfortunately, are not perfect. From time to time they act up. Sometimes the solution to the problem is a simple one.

If your Blink Camera is not turning on, make sure you are connected to the correct network. If there was a recent power outage, the camera may still be offline. Make sure the camera is fully charged. Reset the Blink Sync Module.

If you have tried the above suggestions and your Blink Camera is still not turning on, it is possible there is a defect within the camera. Unfortunately, the only way to remedy this issue is to get a replacement. You can also contact Blink Support to see if a replacement is possible or if there have been any recalls.

Blink Camera Not Alerting

Blink camera on the wall

As mentioned before, the purpose of the Blink Camera is to give us peace of mind when we’re away or are sleeping. We rely on the camera to alert us when there is an activity we are not expecting.

If your Blink Camera is not alerting, make sure the notification setting is turned on. The motion sensitivity setting may need to be adjusted to a more sensitive setting. Uninstall and reinstall the Blink Camera app to clear any glitches and install any pending updates.

Blink Camera Not Loading/Responding

Holding phone while looking

The Blink Camera allows you to use your smartphone to view a live feed from the camera. This is a great feature if you are at work and want to keep an eye on the new puppy or if you are working from home and someone is at your door.

If your Blink Camera is not loading/responding, reset the camera. Using a paperclip, press and hold the reset button located in the back of the camera. Hold the button for 10 seconds or until the light turns red. Reconnect the camera to the Wi-Fi network and the Sync Module.

Blink Camera Not Updating

Black and white blink camera

Updates are essential for electronic devices to be secure and have optimal performance. Updates also unlock additional features. The most recent updates are available in the app store. Setting your device to allow automatic updates will ensure updates are installed as they are released.

If your Blink Camera is not updating, make sure you have enough signal strength to allow for updates. You can also manually update firmware by going to the Blink Camera settings and selecting General > Software Update > Automatic Updates. Follow the onscreen instructions.

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