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Blink Camera Won’t Sync

It can be frustrating trying to sync a Blink camera and it just won’t connect properly. While this is not an issue anyone wants to face, there is usually a simple fix that can be corrected in a matter of minutes.

If your Blink Camera won’t sync, it might be due to a weak Wi-Fi signal. Ensure that both your camera and sync module are within a strong Wi-Fi range. You can improve the connection by moving the camera closer to the router or by using a Wi-Fi extender to strengthen the signal in distant areas.

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Another common cause is incorrect configuration settings. Sometimes, the sync module and camera may not communicate properly if the settings are not configured correctly. To solve this, reset both the camera and the sync module to their factory settings. After the reset, follow the setup instructions in the Blink app to reconfigure your devices correctly. This often resolves syncing issues arising from misconfiguration.

If you’re still having issues syncing the camera to the module, check to ensure the camera’s battery is fully charged and inserted correctly into the camera. After inserting the batteries, the camera will flash a bright red light for about 5 seconds as the device powers on. Another option is to make sure the camera and the sync module are both within a couple of feet of the wireless router, and then try the syncing process again.

Blink Camera Won’t Connect to Sync Module

Outdoor Black camera placed on the wall

I recently faced an issue where my Blink camera wouldn’t connect to the sync module, a problem that can be quite frustrating when you rely on your camera for home security. After some research and troubleshooting, I discovered a few common causes and their respective solutions. This experience taught me the importance of understanding the technology we use daily.

If your Blink camera won’t connect to the sync module, it could be due to Wi-Fi interference. Ensure your camera and sync module are within range of your Wi-Fi router and not obstructed by walls or large objects. Restarting your router and moving the camera or sync module closer to it can often resolve this issue.

Another reason for connectivity issues might be outdated firmware. Blink cameras and sync modules regularly receive updates to improve performance and security. If your devices are not up-to-date, they may struggle to communicate. To fix this, check for updates in the Blink app and install any available firmware upgrades. This can be done by going to the camera settings in the app and selecting ‘Update Firmware’.

Battery problems can also cause connection issues. Blink cameras are battery-powered, and low battery levels can lead to poor performance. If your camera isn’t connecting, try replacing the batteries with fresh ones. This is a simple but often overlooked solution. Ensuring your camera always has a good power source can prevent many connectivity problems.

Blink Camera Maximum Distance from Sync Module

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Your Blink camera will need to be close enough to the Sync Module to properly connect. If it is too far away, the camera won’t be able to communicate with the module. Thankfully, Blink has a pretty impressive maximum distance, which means you can have cameras positioned at just about any location on your property and still be able to connect to the sync module.

The Blink camera’s maximum distance from the Sync Module is 100-feet. In order for the Blink camera to sync, you will need to ensure it has 3 bars of signal strength. Being too far from the module can prevent the camera from syncing. 

Keep in mind that interference between the Sync Module and the camera can reduce the maximum distance. If the camera is having issues syncing with the module, consider moving the module to a more central location so that all devices are in range of the sync module. Furthermore, take note of any potential interference when deciding where to install the sync module and the camera.

Blink Camera Not Responding to Sync Module

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Sometimes, when the Blink camera won’t respond to the Sync Module, it isn’t a problem with the camera and is actually an issue with the module itself.

When the Blink camera is not responding to the Sync Module, you will need to reset and re-sync the camera. 

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To reset the Blink Sync Module, you will first need to delete it from the network and then re-sync it. This can be done by opening the Blink app and then clicking on the ? Icon. Click on “Delete Sync Module” and then either scan or manually input the serial number on the module. Click on “Delete” to confirm. Once deleted, go back to the Blink app home screen and click on the + icon. Click “Blink Wireless Camera System”, and then scan or manually enter the module’s serial number. Select your Blink system and then click on Discover Device > Join. When finished, click on “Done.” The module has now been added back to the system.

If removing and readding the sync module doesn’t correct the issue, reach out to Blink’s customer support for further assistance.

How Do I Sync my Blink Camera?

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Sometimes, all you need to do to correct an issue with the Blink camera is to resync it to the module. This is an easy step that takes only a few moments.

To sync the blink camera, you will need to open the Blink app and scan the QR code located on the inside cover of the camera. 

Open the app and click on the + sign located on the app’s home screen. Select the Blink camera you are adding, and then scan the OR code on the camera. You will need to remove the back cover to expose the QR code. Once the system recognizes the serial number, the app will display the onboarding screen of the camera. Once the setup is complete and the camera is synced, the app will show a “Camera added successfully” message.

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This syncing process isn’t just for adding new cameras. It can also be used to resync a camera if you have to remove it from the module for any reason. You will have to link your Blink and Amazon accounts in order to add a camera to the system. If the two accounts are not already linked, then you will be prompted to link the device with Amazon. This is done by clicking on the “Link Accounts” button and then following the instructions on the screen. This process is required in order to take full advantage of your Blink subscriptions. You can click on the “Skip” button to skip the process and link the accounts at a later date. Skipping the linking process means the camera isn’t attached to your plan, and the Blink subscription won’t become active until the two accounts are linked.

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