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Blink Camera Battery Problems

If you are in the market for security cameras and want to be able to check in on various locations without having to worry about endless equipment or difficult video retrieval, you may find yourself with Blink as your new security system, but what if problems are experienced?

A common issue with Blink Camera batteries is excessive recording or alerts, which can drain the battery faster. To extend battery life, adjust the camera’s motion detection settings in the Blink app. Lowering the sensitivity or setting up activity zones reduces unnecessary recordings, thus conserving battery power.

Temperature extremes can also affect Blink Camera battery life. Batteries tend to drain faster in very cold or hot conditions. If your camera is outdoors, try to position it in a spot that’s sheltered from extreme weather. This placement can help to moderate the temperature exposure and extend the battery’s life.

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Additionally, the type of batteries used in Blink Cameras can impact their longevity. It is recommended to use non-rechargeable lithium batteries for the best performance. Using lower quality or incorrect battery types can result in quicker depletion. Always ensure you are using the correct, high-quality batteries as specified by the manufacturer to ensure optimal performance and longer battery life.

The beauty of modern technology is that many devices are able to connect through a variety of different ways, with one of them being the simple installation of an app. With Blink cameras, you are able to view footage as long as 5 to 60 seconds when the cameras are triggered by motion all through a convenient app on your smart device, making this system accessible and effective. If you are having problems with your blink camera though, continue reading on.

Blink Camera Keeps Draining Battery

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Blink cameras are powered by battery to keep from draining utilities when in operation, but the battery life for these cameras should last for months at a time. However, if you notice that your Blink battery is draining batteries within a few weeks or within a month, you are left not only having to replace the battery, but having to figure out what might be the cause of this issue. If your Blink camera keeps draining battery, read on to see what might be the cause.

If your Blink camera keeps draining battery, it could be that the camera is positioned in a spot that is picking up unnecessary movement. Try adjusting the camera to a different position and if this does not work, shorten the length of the motion clips your camera is set to record.

Blink Camera Battery Dies Fast/Not Lasting

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There are a few different factors that contribute to either a long or short battery life within Blink cameras. If the camera is positioned in an area that has a high amount of traffic, the camera will see more use, thus depleting the battery. Just as well, if you have long periods of saved motion clips, this will also cause the battery to die faster. If you have a blink camera battery that dies fast or is not lasting, what can be done?

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One primary reason for a Blink doorbell battery draining quickly is frequent motion alerts and recordings. If the doorbell is constantly triggered by movement, it uses more battery. To fix this, adjust the motion sensitivity settings in the Blink app. Lowering the sensitivity reduces the frequency of alerts and recordings, thereby conserving battery life.

Another factor that can cause rapid battery drain is the quality of the batteries used. It’s essential to use high-quality, lithium non-rechargeable batteries for optimal performance. Inferior quality or rechargeable batteries may not provide the required power for the doorbell to function efficiently. Therefore, replacing the current batteries with recommended ones can help in extending the battery life.

How Long Do Blink Batteries Really Last?

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If you have a surveillance system that is powered by electricity, you never have to worry about having power relayed to the device. However, if you have a system such as Blink that is battery operated, you have to be mindful of replacing the batteries when the current ones have been depleted. When it comes to the batteries within a Blink system, read on below to see how long these batteries have been designed to last.

At the usage being roughly 70 seconds a day, the batteries within a Blink camera can last around two years. However, if the camera is positioned in a high traffic area, is recording longer motion clips, and is being used in Live Mode, the battery life will drastically decrease.

Can You Change the Battery in a Blink Camera?

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Knowing that Blink cameras are operated by battery power and understanding the previous issues of batteries dying at a fast rate due to various circumstances, you then must be wondering how exactly dead batteries can be replaced on such a device. If you have a Blink camera that needs its batteries replaced but don’t quite know how to do so, read on to see what this process looks like.

Yes, you can change the battery in a Blink camera. When changing the battery, pull the mounting bracket off, press the arrow on the back cover and pull, then replace the current batteries with AA-lithium ion batteries. Once replaced, recover the camera and remount.

Blink Camera Low Battery Indicator

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Knowing that Blink cameras are battery powered and can thus be drained of power, you might be curious as to what this process looks like. Will the battery suddenly stop working and your camera will be completely in the dark, or is there a warning that comes before the camera stops working before more batteries are inserted?

The Blink camera low battery indicator will appear within the Blink application so that you are notified to replace the batteries before the camera is without power. If you see this indicator light, be sure to purchase AA lithium-ion batteries and replace them before the camera goes dark.

How to Check Blink Battery

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If you are concerned about the amount of battery your Blink camera is taking or simply want to stay in check with the battery usage of the camera, there is a way to monitor the battery without having to think about when you last inserted new batteries. To see how to check a Blink battery, continue reading below.

To check a Blink battery, within the app and under the camera thumbnail you will see that the battery life is either listed as “Needs Replacement” or “OK.’ If you see that the battery needs replacement, take heed to this alert and replace the batteries as soon as possible to continue use.

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Blink camera problems can be resolved by checking the battery status within the Blink application, changing the batteries when a low battery indicator appears, replacing the batteries with AA lithium-ion batteries, and shortening the length of clips the camera records.

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