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Hulu App Won’t Download/Install/Update

I’ve wanted to get Hulu on my Apple TV but for some reason it wouldn’t download. I looked into how to fix it and here’s what Apple Support says to do to fix the issue.

As a general rule, the Hulu app won’t download, install, update, or show up if your Apple TV software is not up to date. To update the Apple TV software one needs to navigate to the settings using the Apple TV remote. Following that select ‘System’ and then ‘Software Updates’.

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From there, there is an option to turn it on. It can take some time for the Apple TV software to update. After that simply download Hulu from the App Store and it should work. If that doesn’t work there are a few additional fixes, and in this article I will explain how to get it working again. Regardless of whether it won’t download, install, or update

Apple TV Hulu Won’t Download

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Navigating through the Apple TV app store and finding the Hulu app should give you the option to download, and then it will begin downloading and installing. Similar to any other app. However, sometimes it won’t download at all, and when that happens here’s what you do…

To get Hulu to download on Apple TV the Apple TV software needs to be updated. To access the option to update it go to the Settings from the home screen. After that select System, and there will be an option to turn software updates on.

Once it’s turned on the latest version of the Apple TV software will begin to download. And once it’s complete it will get installed automatically. However, it can take a bit of time so you might want to come back to your Apple TV a bit later.

After it starts downloading for 30 seconds or a minute it will give you an estimate for how long it will take to download.

When it’s finished downloading the latest version of the Apple TV software and has installed it, go to the App Store and try to download Hulu again.

No internet connection

Another cause for Hulu not downloading is that your Apple TV has no internet connection. You may need to restart your Wi-Fi router to reconnect the internet. Also you can use your laptop, smartphone, or tablet to see how fast the internet speed is.

Go to and click the button to see how fast your internet is. It will tell you your average download speed and how it compares to the average internet speed in your location. If the internet is all working fine then try restarting your Apple TV.

Restart your Apple TV

To restart your Apple TV hold down the ‘screen icon’ button on your Apple TV remote. It’s the button on the top right of your remote.

That will bring up a menu. On the menu that comes up press the touchpad once to put your Apple TV to sleep. After that, unplug your Apple TV at the wall and wait for 6 seconds. Then plug it back in and wait for it to start up.

You may need to press the middle button or the touchpad to get it to power it on.

Apple TV Hulu Won’t Install

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Sometimes Hulu will download the whole way but it gets stuck and won’t install. There’s a few simple fixes to install Hulu. Here’s what they are…

As a whole, Hulu won’t install on an Apple TV because the Apple TV software needs to be updated to the latest version. Or, the Apple TV needs to be restarted. Both fixes can be done by the user using the Apple TV remote.

In order to update the Apple TV software navigate to the Apple TV home screen, and then select Settings which has a cog wheel icon. One of the options in the settings is System. Select that and set automatic updates to on.

From time to time Apple TV will release an updated software that removes any bugs in the software that cause it to crash or are a security risk. However, there can sometimes be a mismatch between the software on the new version of an app and the old Apple TV software.

Therefore, when you try to install the new version of Hulu on an old version of the Apple TV software it won’t work. Once you’ve got the latest version of the Apple TV software download Hulu again.

If Hulu still won’t install then you should restart your Apple TV. To do that, put your Apple TV to sleep and then unplug it at the wall. To put it to sleep hold the top right button on your Apple TV remote which has a screen icon on it. Then press the touchpad.

Once you unplug it, wait 6 seconds before plugging it back in again. Then turn your Apple TV back on by pressing the home button on your Apple TV remote.

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Apple TV Hulu Won’t Update

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You may have Hulu installed on your Apple TV but it won’t update to the latest version. To get your Hulu app to update there are a few steps to take.

To update Hulu the Apple TV needs to first have the latest version of Apple TV software. To update the Apple TV software, open the settings app. Then select the ‘System’. After that there is an option to turn on automatic updates.

Depending on what version of Apple TV you currently have it may need to download a large file that is around 1Gb or more and can take 5 to 10 minutes. Once it has downloaded it, it will then install it.

It is similar to updating the software on your iPhone or iPad that you may have done before. As it’s updating the TV will be unusable. After that see if the Hulu app will update. If it doesn’t then simply download the latest version of the Hulu app. But, before doing that, The current version of the Hulu app needs to be uninstalled.

Uninstall your current version of Hulu

From the home screen on your Apple TV select the Settings app. Then select ‘General’. From the general settings select Manage Storage. That will bring up a list of apps that are installed on your Apple TV. Beside each of them is a trash can icon. When you select the trash can icon it will uninstall the app.

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Scroll the list until you locate the Hulu app, and then select the trash can icon next to it. That will uninstall Hulu. Now, go to the App Store and download the Hulu app again. Doing that will download the latest version of Hulu.

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