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Peacock Roku Not Working

The NBC on-demand streaming app Peacock is great if you love having free access to thousands of hours of TV content, movies, live sports events, and exclusive Peacock original titles. What’s not so great is when the app does not work correctly.

If Peacock Roku is not working, do a soft restart by closing the app and removing power from the TV for 30 seconds. Make sure you are connected to the correct network and have a strong enough signal to support streaming the Peacock app.

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When you are ready to enjoy a TV show or movie, or especially a live sports event, that is not when you want to find out the Peacock app is experiencing some issues. This article will help to quickly – and easily – troubleshoot some of these issues.

Peacock Roku Keeps Crashing

Flatscreen tv in the living room

The ability to stream media content is amazing. What is not amazing is when the streaming app crashes.

As a general rule, the Peacock Roku app keeps crashing if the app is not receiving sufficient power to work efficiently. Check the signal strength of your Wi-Fi network or use an HDMI or Ethernet connection to increase the bandwidth.

If your Roku TV is powered by a USB port, there may not be enough power to support the app, which is resulting in the app continually crashing. Plug the Roku TV into a wall outlet to see if this resolves the issues. If the problem persists, continue reading this article for more suggestions.

System Restart

The Roku TV itself may need to be restarted. The following steps will walk you through restarting your Roku TV.

Step 1: Go to the settings on your Roku TV.

Step 2: Scroll down to ‘System’ and then select ‘Power’.

Step 3: Select ‘System Restart’.

Restarting the Roku TV will clear out any glitches within Roku that could be affecting the performance of the Peacock app.

Downdetector is a user-based, live map website that is area-specific. It lists any reported outages within the last 24 hours in your neighborhood.

Check this site to see if anyone else in your area is reporting issues with the Peacock app. This way you will know it’s not just you and the problem is with the app. You can also go to this site to report any issues you are having with the app.

User Profiles

The Peacock app only allows for 6 user profiles on the app. If there are 3 users on the app at the same time, however, this will put a strain on the app’s ability to stream efficiently. Reduce the number of devices by signing out of any unused devices.

Step 1: Go to the Peacock account page.

Step 2: Select the ‘Devices’ tab.

Step 3: Under ‘Other Devices’ select the option to ‘Sign Out All Devices’.

Once you have signed out of all devices you will need to re-enter your credentials on the Roku TV Peacock app. This will free help to free up the bandwidth needed so the Peacock app will now stream on the Roku TV.

Peacock Roku Not Showing Up/Not Found

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You hear your friends talking about the shows and games they are enjoying on the Peacock so you decide to join the fun and download the app for yourself – only to find the Peacock app is not showing on your Roku TV.

If the Peacock Roku app is not showing up/not found, your Roku TV may be incompatible with the Peacock app. Older models of Roku TV do not have the specs needed to support the Peacock app.

If you are not sure whether your Roku TV is compatible or not, here is a list of compatible models. You can also visit for more detailed information and model numbers.

  • Roku 2 4210X model,
  • Roku 3 and 4 – 4200x or later models,
  • Streaming Stick – 3600x or later models,
  • Express/Express Plus – 3900x or later models,
  • Premier/Premier Plus – 3920X or later models,
  • Ultra/Ultra LT – 4640X or later models,
  • TV and Smart Soundbar – 5000X or later models)

Peacock Roku Keeps Freezing

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As much as we love watching Superman save the day, we don’t like watching him when he’s frozen. A frozen app will ruin any movie, any day.

If the Peacock Roku app keeps freezing, close out the app and refresh the internet connection. Unplugging the router and modem for 60 seconds will help the signal strength as well. After 60 seconds, reconnect to the internet and launch the Peacock app.

The Peacock Roku app will freeze when there is a delay in the transmission of data between the Peacock server and Roku. There are several reasons for this.

Internet Connection

There needs to be at least 2.5 Mbps of internet speed to run the peacock app. You can increase the speed by moving the TV and router closer to each other.

Consider using an Ethernet or HDMI cable to hardwire the internet connection directly to the modem. Using a hardwire connection is more efficient because it is not affected by external interference and interruptions.

Make sure the cables are securely connected to the TV and are in the correct ports.

Multiple Devices

Having too many devices connected to the same network will definitely affect the strength of your Wi-Fi signal. Turning off other devices that are on the same network but not in use will help to free up bandwidth and increase the internet speed as well.

Internet Speed

Just because you have high-speed internet doesn’t always mean it is truly high-speed. You may have the speed but not the bandwidth which, as we just mentioned, is affected by the number of users, weather, etc.

You can test the true speed of your internet on the site Use your smartphone to run the test so you can see if the Peacock Roku is getting sufficient internet speed or not.

Forget Network

You read that correctly. To address the Peacock streaming app freezing, you may need to forget, or remove, your network from the Roku TV. Removing the network will clear out any bugs between the network and the app.

Step 1: On the Roku TV, go to ‘Settings’.

Step 2: Click on ‘Wi-Fi’.

Step 3: Click on your Wi-Fi network and then select ‘Forget This Network’.

Step 4: Wait 3 minutes and then reconnect to your Wi-Fi network.

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Updates are crucial to any app working optimally. If an update is slow in coming, this allows time for glitches or bugs within the app to set in, causing the app to freeze or not work at all.

Go to the Roku app store and open the Peacock app. If there are any pending updates, click the ‘Update’ tab. Be sure to restart your Roku TV after the updates are installed. Restarting your TV will ensure the old bugs are removed.

Peacock Roku Not Loading

Flatscreen tv in the living room

You see the Peacock app in the Roku store but it’s not loading. Or, worse yet, the Peacock app used to load but now it does not.

If the Peacock Roku app is not loading, the problem may lie with the TV. The Peacock app requires enough memory space and specific software that older TV models do not have. This is especially true if the Peacock app used to work but has recently been updated and now does not load.

The curse of the modern age is that technology is constantly updating. If you have been holding out on purchasing a new TV, this may be the time to upgrade.

Peacock Roku Subtitles Not Working

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Closed captioning is a wonderful feature on our TV. Whether you depend on this feature because you are hard of hearing or just need it occasionally, subtitles make television and movies more enjoyable because we can understand the dialog.

If the Peacock Roku subtitles are not working, make sure the subtitle option has been turned on. Unfortunately, at this time the subtitle feature does not stay on permanently. You must turn on the subtitles each time the Peacock app is used.

Sometimes the subtitles are too small, disappear too quickly, or don’t work at all. The first place to start is making sure the subtitle option has been selected within the Peacock app and not Roku.

Streaming platforms manage their own content. You may have subtitles selected on one app but not another. You will need to open the Peacock app to adjust the size, color, and font of the subtitles.

Peacock Not Adding To Roku

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If something is available in the Roku app store, it only makes sense that we should be able to download it. This isn’t always the case, though. You may have noticed a common theme throughout this article – not all TVs are created equal

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The Peacock app will not add to Roku if the TV is not compatible. A soft restart of the TV will help improve internet strength and force any pending software updates for the TV. Unplug the TV for 60 seconds and then plug it back in. Open the Roku app store and reload the Peacock app.

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