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Samsung Phone Speaker Not Working

If your Samsung phone speaker is not working, it can interrupt your entire work schedule as well as affect calls with your friends and family members, especially if you do not know what is causing the problem. This is a common issue, but that does not mean it is not entirely frustrating and annoying. Fortunately, there are several troubleshooting steps you can take to rapidly analyze the problem so you can rapidly resolve this issue.

To fix a Samsung phone speaker issue, start by checking the volume settings and ensuring the phone is not on silent mode. Adjust the volume levels and test the speaker. Sometimes, basic settings adjustments can resolve speaker problems.

Dirt or debris blocking the speaker grill can also affect sound quality. Clean the speaker grill gently with a soft, dry brush to remove any obstruction. Be careful not to push the dirt further in, and avoid using liquids that could damage the phone.

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You can also check to make sure that the Vibrate or Silent Switch is not enabled and that the sound is switched on to a Loud Mode setting.

Also, try plugging your headphones in and out of the headphone jack for several minutes to try to have  your Samsung phone turn the speaker back on.

Another reason for your Samsung phone speaker not working could involve the accumulation of moisture within the phone and around the phone speaker. Turn the phone off and then take the battery out along with the SIM card and try placing it in a container that has a drying agent or desiccant in it which can absorb the excess moisture for a period of at least twenty-four hours.

You can also try using a hair dryer set at the lowest heat level and well away from the phone to dry out any residual moisture in the phone if this seems to be the problem.

If your Samsung phone was previously connected to a Bluetooth device, it can create a condition in which there is apparently a residual Bluetooth connection which then plays havoc with the normal sound production from the Samsung phone speaker.

To fix this problem, go to Bluetooth Settings to turn them off.

In addition, try to toggle your Wi-Fi connection on and off to restart the connection to your Samsung phone and to all WiFi-enabled speakers.

As another potential fix, if you delete all the apps on your phone one by one, this could also provide a solution to the problem. Once this has been accomplished, try turning your Samsung phone back on and then checking the speaker to see if it is now working.

As a final attempt to reestablish the functionality of your Samsung phone speaker, it may be necessary to consult a certified Samsung phone technician to establish the cause of your phone speaker issues.

Samsung Phone Speaker Volume Too Low

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If your Samsung phone speaker volume is too low, it could be due to a software issue. Restarting your Samsung phone can often be the answer to this problem.

If your Samsung phone speaker is not working and the speaker volume is too low, hold down on the power button until you see a display indicating what the different power options are. Go ahead and tap on Restart and then turn your Samsung phone on again to see if the speaker is now working.

You should also make sure to turn off and deactivate the Do Not Disturb Mode and you should also put your Ringer on Silent mode. You can do this by opening Settings and then clicking on Sound and Vibration.

Samsung Phone Speaker Not Working After Headphones

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If your Samsung phone is connected to a Bluetooth device such as headphones, this could be the reason that your Samsung phone speaker is not working.  Checking your Bluetooth setting can quickly resolve this upsetting issue.

If your Samsung phone speaker is not working and is not working with headphones, Open Settings and then tap on Connections and then on Bluetooth. Be sure that your Samsung phone is not connected to any type of Bluetooth device.

In addition, if your Samsung phone is enclosed in a case, it can curtail the speakers sound. Take the case off and see if this increases the speaker volume.

You can also try to clean out the headphones jack of any material that could be plugging up the jack and could be sending a false indication to the phone’s operating system that the headphones are actually plugged in when they’re not.

Samsung Phone Speaker Crackling

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If you are experiencing crackling sounds emanating from your Samsung phone, it is especially irritating if it is interfering with either a business call or an important family call. Occasionally, this problem is due to faulty parts of your Samsung Android phone or a defect within your Samsung phone speakers.

If your Samsung phone is not working and you hear a crackling noise coming from your phone’s speaker, reboot your Samsung phone. First, press the Power Key. Then, press on Power Off and then press Power Key again to reboot the Samsung phone.

Check to see if your Samsung speaker is failing to work with a particular app. You will need to update your app preferences and also be sure to update all apps.  

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To reset your App Preference, Go to Settings. Select Apps. Touch on More Options. Then select Reset App Preferences.

To update Apps, go to the Google Play Store. Then, press on the 3-dash line area in the upper left-hand corner. Click on My Apps and then Files. Then click on Update.

Now, verify the Sound Settings on your Samsung phone. To do this, swipe upward to gain access to the App Tray. Then go to Settings.  Now go to Sound and Vibration. Then go to Volume and change the volume level by dragging the Volume Slider in a left to right direction.

Then check different sound levels of Media, Ringtones, System and Notifications. Make sure that the hearing feature is not set to mute.

Go to Accessibility in the Settings Menu. Then go to Categories and then Select Hearing. Click on the switch that is next to Mute All Sounds to disable this function if need be.

Samsung Phone Speaker Sounds Muffled

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If your Samsung phone speaker sounds muffled, it could be from a problem with dirty speakers. Cleaning out the speakers and removing any obstructing debris can usually fix this problem.

If your Samsung phone speaker is not working and sounds muffled, use an anti-static toothbrush or a new regular toothbrush to clean it out. Be careful to gently clean out any dust or lint or any other foreign material that could jam up the speaker.

Also, try blowing compressed air into the phone speaker grills to remove any small particles or pieces of dust.

Now try testing out your phone in Safe Mode to make sure that the problem is not some external third-party app that is somehow interrupting your Samsung phone speaker’s normal functioning.

If all else fails, then it is most likely time to perform a hard factory reset. First, make sure to turn your Samsung phone off. Then, press on the Power Key and press on Samsung’s Bixby Key, which is the Intelligent Assistant for Samsung phones (and is like the Amazon Alexa Smart Assistant) and then press on the Volume Up Key. When you see the Android symbol, release all the keys.

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Now, look for the Android System Recovery Menu and then use the Volume Down Keys and then Select Wipe Data/Factory Reset. Then press the Power/Bixby Key. At this point, if you have a security lock on your Samsung phone, you may have to enter a security code and your Samsung password.

You can also do a Master Reset from your Settings Menu. However, unfortunately, this will cause a loss of all of your stored personal data on your Samsung phone, so be careful to back up all essential stored data on your phone before doing this.

Samsung Phone Speaker Starts on Its Own

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If your Samsung phone speaker starts on its own, it may be time for a factory reset. Be warned, however, that this will remove all your phone’s stored data, including all of your app data and settings and media.

If your Samsung phone speaker is not working and starts on its own, do a factory reset. First, turn the Samsung phone’s power off. Then, at the same time, press on Power and Volume Up and then press on the Bixby button until you see the Recovery Reboot Screen.

Then, click on Wipe Data/Factory Reset and select Yes and then Delete all User Data. Then, press on Reboot System Now. Now, reset the phone and then complete the setup of the phone.  

Samsung Phone Speaker Quiet

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If your Samsung phone speaker is quiet, it could be caused by backing up your phone to the Samsung Cloud and restoring a previous setting that might not allow your Samsung phone speaker to work properly. Checking out your Samsung phone settings can rapidly lead to an answer as to why this problem is happening.

If your Samsung phone speaker is not working and the speaker is quiet, go to Settings and to Accounts and Backup and then click on Samsung Cloud. Scroll down to Back up this Phone and then click on it. Click on Select All and then Restore all your speaker files. Then click on Backup and Done.

Samsung Phone Speaker Odd Noise

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If your Samsung phone speaker is making odd noises, it could be due to a connection with an external device or a physical problem with the phone. It could also be due to a major software issue.

If your Samsung phone speaker is not working and is making odd noises, first, unplug any device that is plugged into the headphones jack. Then, Restart the phone and hold the Power button down until you see a Power Menu that becomes visible. Now, test the speaker.

Samsung Phone Speaker Static

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If your Samsung Phone Speaker is making static, it is most likely due to a problem with the speaker itself or with the microphone. It could also be due to having out-of-date software or out-of-date apps.

If your Samsung phone speaker is not working and the speaker has a lot of static, go to Settings and then to Software Update. Then go ahead and tap on Download and then on Install. Then follow the online instructions and try the phone again.

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