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12 Fixes for Prime Video Not Working on Samsung TV (Videos)

Through the platform of your Samsung TV, many owners are able to experience the benefits that come with the robust streaming and renting services that Prime Video offers. If you use this service, what do you do when it is suddenly no longer working?

If Prime Video on your Samsung TV is not working, it could be caused by insufficient memory, out-of-date software, poor internet connection, or application dysfunction. To resolve the issues, try clearing the cache, free up memory within your TV, and check your internet speed among other solutions.

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Through the use of Prime Video, subscribers are not only able to have access to thousands of free movies and TV shows, but they also have the ability to rent just about any content they are looking for with the click of a button and a small charge. If you are a Samsung TV owner, this may be an application that you use daily, leaving you rather perplexed when it stops working. Continue reading to find a solution to your Prime Video problems with a Samsung TV.

Reasons Why Samsung TV Prime Video Not Working

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There are a few different explanations as to why Prime Video may not be working on your Samsung TV, but not all of these reasons are applicable to each individual problem. If Prime Video has stopped working on your Samsung TV, read below to find the problem that best describes your situation and find the solution to remedy it quickly.

Insufficient Memory

One of the first reasons that Prime Video may not be working on your Samsung TV is that there may be insufficient memory. To see if this is the problem, uninstall any apps that you are not using, and then be sure to clear all caches. Once this is done, see if Prime Video has regained function. We’ll show you the process

Software is Out-of-Date

If memory is not the cause of Prime Video not working, it could be that the software within your Samsung TV is out-of-date. To check for any available updates go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Support’ > ‘Software Update’ > ‘Update Now.’ New updates will then be downloaded and installed.

Weak Internet Connection

When running any application, you must have sufficient internet speed in order for it to function properly. If the internet speed within your home or business is too weak, it can cause Prime Video to stall, freeze, or even prevent it from opening at all. Check your connection and speed for verification.

Application Dysfunction

If you find that none of these problems fit the bill for your Prime Video issues, the app itself could be the issue. To see if the app is the root of your problems, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the application as well as logging out and logging back into the app.

How to Fix Prime Video Not Working on Samsung TV

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After reading the causes that may be the reason behind the dysfunction of Prime Video on your Samsung TV, you may have a better idea of what is going on within your device. If this is the cause, now that you know what is causing the problem, you need to know how to fix it so that you can get back to watching Prime Video without interruption. What are the ways you can fix Prime Video when it is not working on your Samsung TV?

Here are 12 Ways To Fix Amazon Prime Video Not Working on Your Samsung TV

Access Amazon Prime Video on a Different Device

Sometimes Amazon Prime Video’s service could be down for maintenance, to eliminate this possibility try accessing on your smart phone or computer. Log in and see if you can watch a show or two. If you are able to access Amazon Prime Video’s service through you’ve eliminated the chance that Amazon Prime Video’s service is down for maintenance. Go to the next step to further troubleshoot Amazon Prime Video on your Samsung TV.

Make Sure You Log Out Your Amazon Prime Video from Other Devices

Amazon Prime Video allow users to download videos on any number of devices but only allow a user to stream on 3 devices simultaneously. It also only allows 2 devices to view the same content. If you have multiple devices using Amazon Prime Video it might be showing you an error. Maybe you have family members using Amazon Prime Video on other devices or you or your family member stayed in a short term rental and log on to one their TVs but forgot to log out and perhaps someone is using it.

To log out your Amazon Prime Video account from devices you no longer have access to, login to your Amazon account using a computer or a mobile browser, go to your Accounts page. Then look for the Prime Video settings and go to the Devices tab, select the devices that you’d like to deregister. Ready to DIY shows you the exact steps in photos below.

Log in to your Amazon account, click the drop down (Accounts & Lists) then click Account link.

Image shows you where to find the Amazon Account -> Accounts Lists -> Account Link.

In the Your Account, look for Prime Video Settings towards the bottom and then click the Prime Video Settings.

Image shows you where to find the Prime Video Settings in your Amazon Account Page.

Then in your Prime Video Settings screen go to the devices tab and select the device you want to Deregister.

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Shows you where in the Prime Video Settings the Your Devices tab and where to click to Deregister a device.

Check Network Status of Your Samsung TV

Make sure your Samsung TV still has internet connection. You could go to another App (like YouTube) to see if YouTube works or you could go to the Device Care section of your Samsung TV to run a connection test.

To do a connection test on your Samsung TV, please go to General Options, then find Network, then Open Network Settings, then Wireless/Wired, then Select Your Network – Samsung TV will show you if you have an internet connection. This process is shown in our ready to diy video below.

Cold Restart Your Samsung TV for 60 Seconds

Sometimes Amazon Prime Video App on Your Samsung TV behaves strangely, simply turning your Samsung TV off is not enough since your Samsung goes into a standby mode when you turn it off.

To force a cold restart of your Samsung TV, turn off your Samsung TV and unplug it from the outlet for 60 seconds. This will allow your Samsung TV to restart completely and reload all the apps. This will allow the Amazon Prime Video App to get a fresh restart. If this doesn’t make your Amazon Prime Video work please checkout the next step.

Clear Your Amazon Prime Video App’s Possible Corrupted Data or Corrupted Cache

It is possible that your Amazon Prime Video App’s data or cache has become corrupted causing your Amazon Prime Video App not to work on your Samsung TV. If this somehow happens you can clear your Amazon Prime Video App’s Data and Cache.

To clear data and cache of your Amazon Prime Video App, enter your Samsung TV options and go to the Support Tab. Find Device Care, then go to Manage Storage section and look for your Amazon Prime Video App. Once you Amazon Prime Video, click on View Details and you’ll see two buttons one to clear Data and another to clear Cache, click both to clear data and cache. This process is shown in a ready to diy video below. If your Prime Video doesn’t require you to clear Data or Cache by showing you disabled buttons then you can skip this step, it just means the app didn’t need to store data or cache.

Delete Unused Apps to Free Up Storage Space in Your Samsung TV

Like most modern TVs, a Samsung TV relies on board memory to operate optimally. If your on board memory is running low it could cause your Amazon Prime Video App to not work correctly. It’s a good idea to do some house keeping from time to time to clean up unused apps to free up storage space on your Samsung TV. If you are ready to diy we’ll show you how below.

To delete unused apps on your Samsung TV, go to your TV Options and then to Support. Then look for Device Care, then Manage Storage. Select the unused Apps you’d like to delete, then click the delete button on top, this should delete all selected Apps – don’t worry you can reinstall next time if you need a specific app. (I’ve recorded a short video to show you this process.) Try accessing your Amazon Prime Video App and see if it work.

Turn on Auto Update to Update Your Amazon Prime Video App on Your Samsung TV

It is possible that you or someone in your household turn off Apps Auto Update. If that’s the case, Amazon Prime Video might have updated their App and you are using their old App which is no longer working.

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To make sure your Amazon Prime Video App is always up to date, make sure to turn on Auto Update. To do this, click the Home button on your remote, go to the Apps icon. On top of the Apps screen you’ll see whether or not your Auto Update is on or off, if it’s off be sure to turn it on. This process is shown in our video below.

Reset or Reinstall Your Amazon Prime Video App

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Maybe you already cleared the data and the cache of your Amazon Prime Video App and even made sure your Auto Update Apps is on. But for some reason your Amazon Prime Video is still not working on your Samsung Tv. You can try to reinstall your Amazon Prime Video app because sometimes the App itself corrupted while this is not common it’s possible.

To reinstall your Amazon Prime Video App on Samsung TV, go to your Samsung TV Home page, look for the Apps icon. Find Amazon Prime Video in the App screen. Once you are on the Amazon Prime Video App, you can scroll down and you’ll see an reinstall item. Click that you’ll see a circular reinstall status that will show 100% once it’s done. This process is shown in our video below.

Update Your Samsung TV Software

At this point, you’ve tried quite a bit and still your Amazon Prime Video app is still not working on your Samsung Tv. The Samsung TV like many devices is just a computer and sometimes the software is just outdated and it’s causing a conflict with the App in which case if there is an update we have no choice but to take it.

To update your Samsung TV software, fire up the options page of your Samsung TV. Go to support and find the Software update menu item, click that and select Update Now. Sometimes your Samsung TV is already up to date but if not then you just got the new version and you can try to launch your Amazon Prime Video App to see if it now works or not. This process is shown in our video below.

Reset Samsung TV Smart Hub

In the past, there has been several incompatibilities with Samsung TV’s smart hub with different Apps. That’s why I recommend resetting your Samsung TV Smart Hub if you’ve already tried several suggestions above.

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To reset your Samsung TV Smart Hub, launch the options page of your Samsung TV, go to Device Care, then look for the Self Diagnosis at the middle bottom of the screen. Click that and you’ll see a few items that includes Reset Smart Hub. Click Reset Smart Hub and provide your pin, if you haven’t changed it before it should be 0000. This process is shown in our video below.

Turn Off Auto Run Smart Hub and Auto Run Last App

The autorun Smart Hub and autorun Last app feature of Samsung TV has caused a few problems in the past with different apps. This is the reason turning off autorun Smart Hub and Last app is a suggestion here. As the name implies, autorun will run Smart Hub and the Last app if turned on at start up, sometimes this causes problems and turning this off will eliminate the possibility that this feature is causing the issue.

To turn off autorun Smart hub and autorun Last app, launch the Samsung TV options page, go to the General section and find Smart Features. Inside Smart Features you’ll see these two options, turn them off if they are on and cold restart your Samsung TV and try your Amazon Prime Video app again. This process is shown in our video below.

Reset Samsung TV to Factory Settings

Samsung TV reset to factory settings is really the last resort. One of the suggestions above should have fixed your Amazon Prime Video App. But if it still didn’t work then it’s time to reset your Samsung TV back to factory settings.

To reset your Samsung TV to factory defaults, launch your Samsung TV options page, go to the General section then go to Reset, it’ll tell you that you are about to reset settings to factory defaults. You will need to enter the pin to so, if you haven’t changed the pin, it should be 0000. Once you do a reset, try your Amazon Prime Video App it should work at this point.

Ask Samsung Customer Support for Help

You can enable remote management on your Samsung TV, after which you can call Samsung Customer Support so they can remotely look at your Samsung TV and find out why your Amazon Prime Video app is not working. They will walk you through on what to do next. You can find this in the options page -> Support -> Remote Management.

Image shows you where to find Samsung TV support for remote management.

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