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Samsung TV Firestick Not Working

Many people consider an Amazon Firestick to be one of the most convenient devices they have available. If it isn’t working with your Samsung TV, there are some easy ways to fix it.

Checking the power cords and any connections will often show why the Firestick is not working with the Samsung TV. It may be that the HDMI has become partially unplugged or it may be a damaged power cord. If any issues are identified with the device cords, they should be replaced.

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If the problem is not with the Firestick, there may be other ways to correct the problem. Most of these common fixes will get you back up and running in only a matter of minutes.

Samsung TV Firestick Not Working

One of the biggest problems that lead to Firestick issues is a problem with the HDMI connection. Check the following to see if one may be an issue for you.

HDMI Seating – In most cases, the HDMI cable will seat securely into the port on the Samsung TV. If it gets loose, then it can easily become partially disconnected.

Something else may cause the Firestick to not seat properly. If you don’t have enough room between your HDMI port on the back of the TV and the wall, it could cause the Firestick to disconnect when you hang the TV.

Push the Firestick firmly into the HDMI port and see if it connects.

HDMI Cable Damaged – Visually inspect the HDMI cable and see if it is damaged. If you notice any signs of damage, especially around the connection with the ends, you might have to replace the cable.

You should also visually inspect both the HDMI cable port and the port on the TV. If either is damaged or has become clogged with debris, it should be fixed.

Outdated HDMI Cable – Like any type of technology, HDMI has seen some updates over the years. Those updates make it run faster and better.

If you are using an old HDMI cable, it might not be compatible with the Firestick or your Samsung smart TV. Try upgrading the cable to see if it helps the Firestick to work.

HDMI Extender – If your Firestick doesn’t have room to plug directly into the HDMI port on your Samsung TV, try using an HDMI extender. They come in a variety of lengths and with different options that help things work.

Try Restarting the Firestick

A hard reset of the Firestick will often help it to work again. It will also flush the memory so it works better if you find it is slowing down.

  1. Turn off the TV
  2. Remove the Firestick from the HDMI port
  3. Unplug the Firestick
  4. Wait 5 minutes
  5. Plug in the Firestick to power and HDMI
  6. Give it time to fully restart (up to 10 minutes)

Try Rebooting the TV

Sometimes, restarting the TV is all that is needed to get the Firestick working. Turn off the TV using the power button and turn it back on again.

A hard reboot may work even more effectively if the Firestick is not working

  1. Leave the TV turned on and unplug it from the wall
  2. Wait 30 seconds or longer before plugging it back in again
  3. Press the power button on the TV
  4. Your TV memory should now be clear and the Firestick may work

One other option is to check the resolution on the Firestick. This may help the device to work with your TV properly.

  1. Press the rewind and up (navigation) on the Firestick remote
  2. Hold the 2 buttons in for 10 seconds
  3. The resolution will display on your Samsung TV
  4. Cycle between resolutions and choose the one that works best.

Samsung TV Firestick No Sound

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Good sound is imperative for the enjoyment of our Samsung TV. If the sound is not working on your Amazon Firestick, here is how to get it fixed

Typically, a hard restart of both the Firestick and Samsung TV will get things working again. Unplug the power from both devices and disconnect the Firestick from the TV. Make sure your TV power is on when you unplug it. Wait 5 minutes and reconnect both to power again.

A hard restart will often solve the biggest problems on any device. It drains the power and refreshed or clears the memory. If that doesn’t help, try the following.

Dolby Digital Plus – Go into the Samsung TV settings and check to see if Dolby Digital Plus is enabled. If it is selected, turn it off. Sometimes, it will interfere with the operation of the sound on the Firestick device.

Muted – Although it may sound simple, has the sound become muted? Try turning up the volume manually on the Samsung TV and any connected speakers. Try the mute button on any universal remotes in the house.

Soundbar – If you are using a soundbar, is the sound working when you are not using the Firestick? If you are experiencing a problem with the sound, it could be a cable.

Check the HDMI or optical cable for any damage. If you see any signs of wear or if there are exposed wires, replace the cable.

Samsung TV Firestick No Signal

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If you are not getting a signal from your Firestick, it can often be fixed in a matter of minutes.

One of the most common reasons why your Firestick isn’t getting a signal is because it is not seated properly in the HDMI port on your Samsung TV. Push the Firestick firmly into the port until it is in tightly. This should allow a signal from the Firestick to the TV.

Are you using a smart TV? If you are trying to connect a Firestick to an older Samsung TV, they are not always going to be compatible. You can check for compatibility with older sets online.

If the Firestick has become damaged, it will not work on any device. Try plugging it into another TV or your computer to see if you have a signal.

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Are you using the power cable that came with your Samsung device? Trying to use another cable may not provide enough power for it to work.

One other possibility is that the Firestick is not connecting properly to your home network. Unplug the router and plug it back in after a few minutes.

Make sure the Firestick is on your home network and not a guest network or HotSpot. Those other connections may not be as strong.

Samsung TV Firestick Not Detecting/Not Recognizing

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A common reason for a Samsung TV not recognizing an Amazon Fire Stick is an issue with the HDMI port connection. Ensure the Fire Stick is firmly inserted into the HDMI port. To troubleshoot, unplug and reconnect the Fire Stick, and consider testing it on different HDMI ports or another TV to determine if the issue is port-specific.

Another possible reason for the non-recognition can be related to the TV’s source input not being correctly set. Make sure you’ve selected the correct HDMI input source using the Samsung TV remote. Cycle through the available HDMI sources until you find the one corresponding to the Fire Stick’s connection.

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Additionally, power inconsistencies can sometimes cause the Fire Stick not to be recognized. Ensure that the Fire Stick is receiving sufficient power. Use the provided USB power adapter to connect the Fire Stick to a power outlet rather than relying on the TV’s USB port for power. This ensures consistent and adequate power supply to the device. If problems persist, you might want to consider resetting the Fire Stick or checking for any available software updates.

Samsung TV Firestick Not Showing

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We all want things to go smoothly when we add a device to our Samsung TV. If things don’t go well with your Firestick and it is not showing, consider the following:

A Firestick may not show up on your Samsung TV after you plug it in if there is a problem with one of the plugs. Check the connection make sure the Firestick is seated fully into the TV. Inspect the power cord for any damage, such as exposed wires or cuts in the insulation

If you are still struggling to get the Firestick to show on your Samsung TV, it might be a problem with the TV. Unplug the Firestick and try plugging it into another TV or device to see if it works.

You might also want to try a different HDMI port on your Samsung TV. Check the settings and make sure they are lined up properly.

If all else fails, leave the power to the TV on and unplug it from the wall. Disconnect the Firestick and unplug it. Plug both back in after 5 minutes and they should eventually find each other.

Samsung TV Firestick Keeps Turning Off

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A Firestick can turn the TV off but if it is the Firestick that keeps shutting down, there is a problem that needs to be fixed.

Typically, when a Firestick shuts down and the TV does not, it is a problem with the Firestick. Check all connections, including seating the HDMI and checking the power cord. Unplug the device and power it down fully before plugging it into the TV again.

Have you tried using another TV? If you plug the Firestick into another TV and it works fine, the problem is with your Samsung TV.

Try using a different HDMI port if one is available. It may be best to use the port on the side of the TV so nothing interferes with the Firestick plug.

A full and hard reset will often fix most Firestick and Samsung TV problems. Unplug the Firestick and disconnect it from the TV. Unplug the TV while the power is on. Wait 5 minutes before plugging in the TV and pushing the power button. You can then reconnect the Firestick and give it time to reboot.

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