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Smart TV Apps Not Working

I’ve been using my Smart TV for a long time and every so often one of the apps won’t work, or none of the apps will show. I’m pretty familiar with how to fix this issue but I also looked at the advice from all the main Smart TV manufacturers about what to do for this issue. So, today I’ll share what causes it to happen and how to fix it.

When Smart TV apps aren’t working, a common issue is insufficient storage space. Apps, especially streaming ones, often require ample space for cache and data storage. Check the storage settings on your TV, and consider clearing cache or deleting unused apps to free up space.

Smart TV apps

Another prevalent reason for Smart TV apps to malfunction is due to network connectivity problems. Even if the TV indicates it’s connected to Wi-Fi, the connection might be unstable. Try restarting your router, reconnecting the TV to the network, or using a wired connection to ensure a stable internet link.

Additionally, regional restrictions can sometimes affect app functionality. Some apps or specific content within apps might be geographically restricted. If you’ve recently moved or are using a VPN, the app might detect a region mismatch. Ensure your TV’s region settings match your actual location, or consider disabling VPN to see if the apps work as expected.

Smart TV Connected to Internet But Apps Not Working

If your smart TV is connected to the internet but apps aren’t working, outdated app versions might be the culprit. Many apps require the latest updates to function properly. Navigate to your TV’s app store or settings, locate the specific app, and check for any available updates to ensure smooth performance.

Another reason for apps malfunctioning on a smart TV, even with an internet connection, is related to the TV’s firmware. Outdated or corrupted firmware can affect the TV’s ability to run apps smoothly. To address this, check your TV’s settings for a system or firmware update option and apply any available updates.

Additionally, server-side issues with the app providers can cause app malfunctions. Sometimes, certain streaming services or app servers might experience downtimes or technical glitches. If other apps are working and only a specific app isn’t, consider checking the official website or social media channels of the affected app for any service-related announcements. Waiting for the service provider to resolve the issue might be the only solution in such cases.

Smart TV Apps Not Working

It’s common for an app on a smart TV to not work from time to time, and a few different steps need to be done to get it working again. But, it’s a bit different when none of the apps are working. When this occurs here’s a summary of what you should do.

Overall, this indicates your internet connection is running slowly or the connection has dropped off. Restart your modem, and check the network settings on your Smart TV. For a new smart TV check the region is set to the region you are in. If it’s still not working then do a factory reset.

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Here’s step by step instructions for how to do each of these steps. After these instructions I’ll also provide details for what to do if only one or a few of the apps are having issues, but some apps are still working.

1. How to check the internet connection – apps won’t load without it

The network can cut in and out even though you set it up correctly. This can be fixed by resetting the network. This is a setting that can be accessed in the settings menu and involves removing the current Wi-Fi network, then re-adding it again.

To do that go to the settings on your smart TV using your TV remote. This is the cog-wheel icon that’s at the top or side of the home screen. Some smart TV’s also have a setting button on the remote which has the same cog-wheel icon. From there go to ‘General’ then ‘Network settings’. In this menu there will be an option to ‘Reset the Network’. Select that and follow the instructions to remove the network.

After that’s done, the same menu you have selected will have an option to ‘Add a Wi-Fi network’. Use that to select your Wi-Fi network, and put in your password to add it again. Exactly what each option is called can differ based on what brand of smart TV you have and the operating system that it’s running but the overall process is the same.

2. Check the region settings – the wrong region stops apps from working

This step generally only applies if it’s a new smart TV. This setting doesn’t change on it’s own if you’ve previously been using apps just fine. But, it’s possible someone in your household has changed this setting by accident.

Each app is registered to a specific region and is due to licenses which apps have. If the region is set to a different country to where you are located it can cause a mismatch, and the apps won’t work. As when you connect to the internet it can detect based on your IP address where you’re using your smart TV.

Therefore, you want to make sure the region setting is the same as where you’re using your smart TV. Have a look at what it’s set to and change it if necessary. To do that go to the Settings from the home screen using your remote. This is the cog wheel icon on the top or side of the home screen.

Your smart TV remote can also have a settings button on it, which will also be a cog wheel icon. From the settings menu navigate to ‘Device Preferences’, and from that menu select ‘Region’. In that menu it will say what region your smart TV is on, and you can edit it to put it on the region where you’re located. After that see if the apps now show on the menu, and work when you open them.

3. Factory reset your smart TV – after none of the other steps worked

If you’ve verified that your smart TV has a solid internet connection, and it’s set to the correct region but the apps still aren’t working then you should factory reset your smart TV. The steps to do so are exactly the same as described in step 2. Except, instead of selecting ‘Region’ select the ‘Reset’ option.

4. What to do if it’s just one app that isn’t working

The major smart TV manufacturers recommend the following steps if only one of the apps on your smart TV isn’t working.

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  • Cold boot your TV
  • Check the operating system is up to date
  • Uninstall and reinstall the app

Cold booting your TV is where you turn it off at the wall or unplug it if it’s doesn’t have a switch. Then wait for 5 minutes and turn it back on again.

Checking that your smart TV has the latest operating system using your remote navigate to Settings > Additional Settings > Device Preferences > About > System Update. Once you select that it will check for updates, and download and update it automatically if there is one available.

If you do both of these steps and it’s still not working, then uninstall and reinstall it. To do that, hover over the app using your remote. Then press and hold the middle button. This will bring up some additional options. One of these is ‘uninstall’ or ‘delete’. Do that, then go to the app store and download the app again.

Smart TV Apps Not Opening/Loading

Confused Man while watching TV

When you go to select an app it will open and you’ll be able to use it. It can happen that there can be an issue that stops it from opening and loading. Here’s what causes it and what to do when this happens.

It’s commonly caused by an issue with the internet connection. The easiest thing to do first is restart your Wi-Fi modem. Once that’s done and if it’s still not working remove and re-add your Wi-Fi connection, restart your TV, check the OS is up to date, and uninstall and reinstall the app.

Full step by step instructions for how to do each of these steps are explained at the top of this article. Scroll to just below the top of this article and start with step ‘1. How to check the internet connection – apps won’t load without it’. And follow each of the steps after that until it starts working again.

Smart TV Apps Not Connecting

Confused Man while watching TV

As you open an app it needs to connect to the app server over the internet to load up. When the apps aren’t connecting there are some troubleshooting steps you should do to fix the internet connection so that your apps will connect and work.

Restart your Wi-Fi modem by turning it on and off again. Then open up an app and see if it’s connecting now. If the apps still aren’t working, remove and re-add your Wi-Fi connection in the settings, check your smart TV is on the correct region, and failing that factory reset your smart TV.

Although the leading TV manufacturers recommend these steps, it can be a good idea to try some additional steps before doing a factory reset as it will delete any new apps you’ve added to your smart TV.

I’ve provided step by step instructions for how to do each of these steps at the top of this article which you should follow. At step 3, which is to do a factory reset on your TV, you can skip this step until after following the instructions in the step below that about how to fix the issue when it’s just one app that isn’t working. But, if you haven’t installed any new apps then go ahead and do a factory reset.

Begin by checking the internet connection on your smart TV. If your internet is connected and working fine, then remove the Wi-Fi connection in the settings and re-add it. After that, verify the region is set correctly. If none of these steps work then factory reset your smart TV.

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