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YouTube AirPlay Not Working

YouTube has changed the world of video content by allowing any user, anywhere in the world, to access what they want on a platform that makes the process accessible to even the youngest of subscribers. If you are using YouTube with AirPlay and it isn’t working, what can be done?

For YouTube AirPlay issues, ensure both your Apple device and the AirPlay receiver, like Apple TV, are on the same Wi-Fi network. Network discrepancies can block AirPlay streaming. Verify the network settings on both devices to ensure a smooth AirPlay experience.

Software compatibility is also a key factor in the functionality of AirPlay with YouTube. If either the YouTube app or your Apple device’s operating system is outdated, it can hinder the AirPlay feature.

Updating to the latest version of the YouTube app and your Apple device’s operating system can resolve this issue. Navigate to the App Store for YouTube updates, and check the ‘General’ settings on your Apple device for system updates.

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Another potential issue could be with the settings on the AirPlay-compatible device. Sometimes, specific settings or restrictions can prevent AirPlay from functioning correctly.

Check the settings on your Apple TV or other AirPlay-compatible devices to ensure there are no restrictions or settings that might block AirPlay functionality.

Resetting these settings to default or adjusting them to accommodate AirPlay can often resolve the issue and allow YouTube streaming via AirPlay to work as intended.

In and of itself, YouTube offers users the ability to find the content they want within only a few seconds, within a global platform that is so accessible, anyone can use it. Although YouTube has found a way to reach just about anyone with a network connection, this platform is amplified even more by rendering the benefits that AirPlay offers. AirPlay allows users to stream content from one device to another, but if this feature isn’t working for you, read on to find the fix.

YouTube AirPlay Not Working

Whether you are watching or uploading content on YouTube from your phone, tablet, or computer, you may want to share that content to a different device by using the abilities of AirPlay. AirPlay allows users the ability to take content from one device and mirror it directly to another, causing apps such as YouTube, to become even more versatile. If you are trying to use AirPlay while accessing YouTube, read on to see what you can do to get this feature working.

If YouTube AirPlay isn’t working, first, check to make sure that both of the devices you are trying to connect are within a reasonable distance from one another. If one device is in another room or is in a room that has too much space between the two, the signal can easily be broken.

You may read that previous statement and think that there is no way your devices are not in range of one another, as one small room over is not enough distance to disrupt the signal. However, if there are walls between the devices you are attempting to use AirPlay with, this can be enough blockage to stop signal from being connected between the two. Therefore, make sure you are in the same room as well as near to the device you are trying to connect.

YouTube AirPlay Not Full Screen

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If you have been able to connect YouTube to another device by using the properties of AirPlay, you will almost instantly see the content mirrored right onto this secondary screen. When this happens, most users want the screen of their device to be filled by the video playing on YouTube, but when the content is not in a full screen mode, people are left needing a quick fix. If YouTube is not playing in full screen while using AirPlay, read on to see how this issue can be resolved.

If YouTube isn’t full screen when using AirPlay, be sure that you have the full screen icon selected within YouTube or on the YouTube app itself on your iOS device. To do this, find the full screen mode icon at the bottom right hand corner of the video and click the icon to engage the full screen.

If you have YouTube in full screen on your iOS device but it is still not displaying in full screen on the secondary device you are trying to mirror the image on, it may be helpful to change the zoom settings on the device you are using AirPlay with. The steps to achieve this will vary depending on what device you are attempting to mirror the image to, but by changing the zoom settings, you may be able to tailor the screen to fit the video more precisely.

YouTube Connected to AirPlay Won’t Go Away

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When connecting any iOS device to another device that supports AirPlay, users will be met with a confirmation message to relay that the connection was successful. This message reads “Connected to AirPlay,” which should go away within seconds once the connection has been established. However, some users have found that even when their devices are connected while using YouTube and AirPlay together, this particular message will not go away.

If YouTube connected to AirPlay won’t go away, it could be that your device is set to conference room display. If you are connected to an Apple TV, go to ‘Settings’ > ‘AirPlay’ > ‘Conference Room Display’ and see if this setting has been enabled. If so, disable the setting.

If you are not using AirPlay with an Apple TV and the message that reads “Connected to AirPlay” won’t go away, it may be helpful to reset your TV. To do this, unplug your TV directly from its power source and allow it to sit for a few minutes before plugging it back in. Once you have the TV plugged in, be sure both devices are still set up for AirPlay and, once connected, see if this display message still appears on your television screen.

YouTube AirPlay Black Screen

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When using YouTube on an iOS device, whether that be through the app or through a browser, you should be met with the homepage of the platform where you can then search and select content from. After you have found what you are looking for, the simple click of a video will send you into viewing mode which will consist of the video playing. However, if you are using AirPlay with YouTube and are met with a black screen, what can be done to resolve such a problem?

If YouTube has a black screen while using AirPlay, it could be that the app you are using on your iOS device is out of date and needs to be updated. To update YouTube with the most recent software, go through your settings to check for any available updates and download and install them.

Once you have downloaded and installed any new software updates, you should be able to go back into YouTube and play the content through AirPlay without experiencing the black screen issue again. However, if you complete the software installation or you notice that there are no available updates, you are in need of a different resolution. If this is the case for you, try downloading and installing your secondary device with any available software updates.

YouTube AirPlay Keeps Stopping

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If you are able to use AirPlay with YouTube and can see the content on the screen you are casting to without a problem, you might be thinking you are in the clear as far as problems go. Although this is true for most users, some have found that once they find the video they are wanting to watch, the content continually stops in the middle of playing. If you are using AirPlay with YouTube and the video keeps stopping, read below to find the most likely problem.

If YouTube keeps stopping while using AirPlay, the most common problem lies within your network connection. To verify if this is the problem, unplug your router from its power source and allow it to sit for 60 seconds. Once complete, plug the router back in and allow it to reboot completely.

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It is essential that you allow the router to fully reboot so that the network connection is completely established and you don’t run into the same issues once the device has been reset. After the reboot has finished, play AirPlay on your iOS device and enable the feature once again to work with another device. If you are still having issues with the video stopping, try disconnecting any other devices that are connected to the same network, but aren’t being used.

AirPlay YouTube Audio Delay

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When it comes to watching YouTube, of course, users expect to be able to see the content on the screen they are using AirPlay with, but along with this, they also expect to be able to hear the audio that comes along with that content as well. Whether you are watching YouTube through the app or are accessing it through AirPlay, you should be able to hear and see content seamlessly, making it rather frustrating when the audio is delayed.

If YouTube has an audio delay when using AirPlay, check to see which platform you are using AirPlay through. If you are playing YouTube and are using AirPlay through system preferences, try playing the same content by using AirPlay through the app itself rather than through the iOS device.

If you do this and are still encountering problems with the audio delaying, see if the issue is limited to one specific video within YouTube. To check for this, find another video to watch and begin playing that content while listening to the audio. If you find that the audio is synced as it should be with that video, the issue lies within the previous content you were watching. Report the problem to YouTube and wait for the issue to resolve while watching other content.

YouTube AirPlay Icon Red

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When using AirPlay on an iOS device to cast to another device, you will tap the AirPlay icon on the screen you are using so that content can go directly from one device to another within seconds. This icon will either appear blue or black when you have the option to access the feature, but some users have found that when they go to use AirPlay with YouTube, the icon turns red. If your AirPlay icon is red, what does it mean?

If the AirPlay icon is red when using YouTube, this means that a network connection cannot be made. Be sure that your iOS device is connected to a working network, then confirm that the secondary device you are trying to cast to is also connected to the exact same network.

The most effective troubleshooting step to fix network issues is to reset the network you are trying to connect to. Simply unplug the router from its power source and allow it to sit for 60 seconds before plugging it back in. Once rebooted, you can then try to use AirPlay while accessing YouTube after you have confirmed that both devices are connected to the same network.

YouTube AirPlay Low Quality

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When you are using YouTube, you should be able to see a picture that is clear enough that there is no blur or pixelated content when the video is playing. When using AirPlay with YouTube, this same video quality should be able to transfer to the secondary device you are using the feature with. However, if you are playing YouTube while using AirPlay but are met with low quality video, it can be a frustrating problem that many want resolved as soon as possible.

If YouTube is low quality when using AirPlay, turn off Bluetooth on the device you are playing YouTube from directly and then be sure that you are within a close enough distance for proper connection to be made. Moving the devices closer together can improve connection and thus, quality.

Ifn you turn Bluetooth off and move the devices closer together, but are still having issues with the video being low quality, try to minimize electrical interference by turning off any devices that are running on the same network that are not being used. This can help to improve your network connection, which will result in better network speed and will thus, improve the quality of the video you are trying to watch on YouTube while using AirPlay.

If YouTube AirPlay isn’t working, update the app with any available software updates, update the secondary device you are AirPlaying to with the most recent software, reset your router, and use AirPlay through the app itself rather than through system preferences.

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