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Sony Headphones Volume Too Loud/Low (How to Fix/Reset)

Sony headphones are quite popular and, for the most part, they seem to work really well. However, some users, including myself, have experienced difficulties with them at some point or another.

If your Sony headphones are too loud or the volume is too low, it could be that your volume synchronization is disabled, volume limiters aren’t working correctly, or your wireless headphones could have connectivity issues.

As you can see, there are many different reasons why you could experience volume issues with your Sony headphones. Fortunately, every reason comes with a fix, so you can get back to doing what you love—listening to your favorite songs.

The simplest solution would be to adjust the music app you’re using volume settings, but if that doesn’t work you can try out any of the solutions we offer here.

5 Reasons Why Sony Headphones Volume is Too Loud

Using your headphones at too high volume levels isn’t a good idea as this can lead to permanent damage to your ears. That’s why it’s important to fix your headphones if they’re playing at volumes you’re not comfortable with.

There are five main reasons why your Sony headphones’ volume is too loud, including audio drivers that are faulty, volume synchronization that isn’t enabled, and volume limiters that aren’t working.

In general, headphones can reach volume levels as high as 100 dB (some can go even higher), but it’s not good listening to music so loudly. A safe level would be roughly 50% to 60% of the maximum volume your headphones can reach. That way, you’re protecting your hearing so you can listen to your favorite music for longer.

Volume Synchronization Has Been Disabled

Most Sony headphones have their own volume buttons and settings that can be a bit unique, which is a good thing. This feature lets you change the volume without accessing the device you’re listening from. However, this feature requires volume synchronization and that is something you may have to do manually.

Volume Limiters Don’t Work

When your headphones’ volume limiters aren’t working, your audio could get messed up and your music will be too loud. It could be that your audio limiters and your music-playing device are at odds with the music output, which leads to limiters not doing their jobs as they should.

Audio Driver Is Faulty

Another reason why your audio is too loud in your Sony headphones is audio drivers that aren’t working as they should. This is a common problem if you’re playing music on your Windows PC. Compatibility could be to blame in this case but there are ways to fix the problem.

Absolute Volume Setting Interference

The ‘Absolute Volume’ setting could be the reason why your headphones are playing music much louder than you want. This problem is usually only present with Bluetooth devices and can result in excessively loud audio playback. Fortunately, there is an easy fix for this reason.

Different App Volume Settings

Some programs have their own separate volume controllers that operate independently of your system’s general volume settings. For example, Mac notebooks have a music app that has its own dedicated volume slider for music, and it’s separate from the audio of the Mac itself. Even if the device is on a low setting, this music app’s audio settings can be high and result in loud playback.

5 Fixes for Sony Headphones Volume Too Loud

Clearly, there are many reasons why the playback on your headphones can get screwed up and frustrate you when you just want to listen to your favorite songs or podcasts.

When your Sony headphones are playing at higher-than-normal volume levels, there are steps you can take to sort the issue out. You can make your headphones your default sound device or update audio drivers to get the volume levels back to how you want them.

We have solutions for all the problems listed above, so you won’t have to suffer with uncomfortable volume levels for much longer.

Volume Synchronization Has Been Disabled

If your Sony headphones and your device aren’t synchronized, you have to adjust them separately. You’ll have to check the volume settings across all the music apps you use for music and podcasts. Make your headphones the default audio device for all these apps.

Volume Limiters Don’t Work

You may have to download new volume limiters or update the one you have. Then, set a volume limiter on your phone or the device you’re using to listen to music. You can choose and set a global volume by going to your device’s sound settings.

Audio Driver Is Faulty

Drivers are always getting new updates and if your music app or device is experiencing difficulties, it could be time for an update. Outdated audio drivers are actually quite common on Windows PCs, so make sure you’re regularly updating your music software. If that doesn’t work, you may have to switch drivers. 

Absolute Volume Setting Interference

The ‘Absolute Volume’ setting can cause difficulties with Bluetooth audio devices and make the playback too loud. You can simply turn off this setting to fix the issue by turning on developer options and heading to your settings to find Absolute Volume and then turning it off.

Different App Volume Settings

If you’re using several apps to listen to music, it’s possible that they all have different volume settings and this causes inconsistency. You should check the various apps and adjust their playback settings to sort out this problem. The Music app sometimes plays some songs at higher volumes than others, so just keep that in mind.

5 Reasons Why Sony Headphones Volume is Too Low/Quiet

Few things are as frustrating as headphones that don’t play at the right volume, especially when your favorite part of a song comes up and you can’t hear it in its full glory.

If your Sony headphones are playing music at low levels, it could be because there are connectivity issues, hardware defects, or there could be a problem with the audio file you’re trying to play.

If turning up the volume doesn’t solve this problem for you, it could be that there’s a bigger problem that needs to be checked out.

Problem With Plug or Socket

Loose connections can result in your audio playback being way too low.

Connectivity Issue

Wireless headsets can often experience connectivity issues that cause the audio quality to drop significantly.

Device Settings

Your music device’s settings can be the culprit if your favorite music isn’t playing at good volume levels.

Audio File Problem

Sometimes, the audio file itself is the cause of your audio problems.

Hardware Defect

Hardware defects are rare but they can be to blame for your music-related difficulties.

5 Fixes for Sony Headphones Volume Too Low/Quiet

Although it’s not recommended that you don’t listen to music at very high levels, it’s annoying to listen at such low levels that you don’t really make out what you’re hearing.

Sony headphones playing music or podcasts at too low levels can be fixed by adjusting connectivity settings or making sure there are no hardware defects. These defects should be addressed by the manufacturer.

We have solutions for all the problems discussed above, so you will be able to fix them in a jiffy and get your audio playback back to normal.

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Problem With Plug or Socket

This is a problem often found with wired headphones, and it can completely ruin your music listening experience. A loose connection between your Sony headphones and your music device can cause the sound to become very soft. In some cases, it can cause static noises.

Check for debris or dirt in the headphone jack/audio port and also make sure it’s not defective. Check for damage to the wires because they can be sensitive and bending them too much can break them permanently.

Connectivity Issue

This is an issue found with wireless headsets and can happen when something interferes with your headphones’ connectivity to your music device. A desk made of metal or a wall (or another barrier) between the headphones and the device can result in connectivity problems.

Make sure there is nothing that can cause interference and influence the quality of your audio playback.

Device Settings

Your device settings could be to blame for low audio playback, so dig around in your music settings and make sure everything’s as it should be for the best experience.

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Audio File Problem

This is an uncommon issue, but the audio file itself could be to blame. Make sure all your music is playing at a low volume before assuming the headphones are to blame.

Hardware Defect

Although Sony headphones are normally of high quality, a defect can cause problems with the volume. Check if your headphones are to blame and contact the manufacturer to resolve the issue.

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