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Sony Headphones Won’t Turn On/Off (How to Fix/Reset)

Sony is a well-known and trusted brand in the world of electronics, and has even been around since 1946. Its first consumer product was an electric rice cooker, but today it is arguably most known for its line of high-quality televisions, stereos, digital cameras, smart phones, and various other electronics, such as headphones. Despite being a respected brand, Sony products can still experience problems from time to time, as this is simply what can happen with electronics. Thankfully, there are ways you can potentially fix your Sony headphones. 

When your Sony headphones won’t turn on or off, the device will need to be reset to correct the problem. This is done by pressing the power button and the NC/Ambient button at the same time while the device is charging. This will reset the Sony headphones and allow you to turn them on or off.

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Sony headphones won’t turn on/off (how to fix/reset) can also be caused by a slew of other issues, including the battery being inserted incorrectly, the headphones not being charged, a faulty battery, depleted charging case, and even an internal problem with the headphones itself. 

Reasons Why Sony Headphones Won’t Turn On

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Nothing may be more frustrating than having headphones that just won’t turn on. This is especially true if you use your headphones for school or work-related tasks. After all, what good are headphones that won’t turn on? Before you toss this expensive piece of electronics in the trash, consider what could be causing the problem, since there may be an easy fix. 

The most common reason for Sony headphones not turning on is that the battery is dead. This can be fixed by simply charging the headphones. Additionally, the battery may have been inserted incorrectly, which will prevent the headphones from turning on.

Other potential causes of Sony headphones not turning on are a glitch preventing the headphones from turning on or the battery itself is malfunctioning and not holding a charge. You may also have a dead or faulty charging case that won’t properly charge the headphones. 

Ways To Fix Sony Headphones Not Turning On

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How you can fix Sony headphones that won’t turn on will vary depending on what is causing the problem. Furthermore, if you’re unsure as to why the headphones won’t turn on, you may have to try multiple troubleshooting steps to find one that works for your specific situation, 

Ensure that the battery on the Sony headphones is charged. If they are not, charge the headphones and try turning them on again. If problems still persist, remove the battery and then reinstall it, making sure it is positioned correctly on the headphones.

As with any type of technology or electronics, glitches can happen, and when they do, they typically interfere with the device’s ability to work properly. Resetting the device can sometimes cause the device to start working again.

To reset Sony headphones, you will first have to place them in their charging case and then plug them in to start charging them. Press and hold down the buttons located on the right and left headphones for 10 or more seconds. You should see the red indicator light turn off briefly. This indicates that the headphones have been reset.

If the problem is caused by a malfunctioning battery, then the battery will need to be replaced with a new one. Consider reaching out to Sony customer service if you suspect the battery has gone bad. They can assist you with determining whether the cause is actually from a bad battery or malfunctioning headphones. If your headphones are still under warranty, you could potentially have them fixed for no cost to you.

Reasons Why Sony Headphones Won’t Turn Off

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You may think that having Sony headphones that won’t turn off isn’t that bad of a problem, since you can still use the device. However, since the headphones cannot turn off, they will quickly drain the battery and leave you with non-working headphones.

Sony headphones that won’t turn off are typically caused by the automatic power off setting in Sony’s app being set to “Do Not Turn Off.” This setting allows the user to decide the duration for which your headphones stay on when not using before the headphones automatically turn off.

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Thankfully, this is an easy fix and requires simply opening up the app and changing the setting. 

Other options that can prevent your Sony headphones from turning off are glitches and malfunctions, and the charging case running out of charge.

Ways To Fix Sony Headphones Won’t Turn Off

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There are generally three different ways to fix Sony headphones that won’t turn off. Although you may have to try multiple of these methods to find the right solution to your problem. 

To fix your Sony headphones that won’t turn off, first ensure that the “Do Not Turn Off” setting in Sony’s app is not turned on. This setting gives you the ability to select how long you want the headphones to remain on while not in use.

If this setting is turned on, the headphones won’t automatically turn off after a certain amount of time. If you are still having issues with the headphones not turning off even after adjusting the setting, the next option would be to reset the phones.

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Resetting the headphones to factory settings typically corrects issues caused by glitches. To begin, press and hold down the headphones’ power button while also pressing and holding down the buttons located on the side of the headphones. Keep these buttons pressed down for 10 seconds. When the indicator light flashes 4 times, the Sony headphones are reset to their factory settings.

The Sony headphones will also not turn off if the charging case has run out of battery power. When this occurs, the headphones will not automatically turn off. Charging the charging case will ensure that your Sony headphones start to automatically turn off once again.

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