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JBL Earbuds Not Charging (How to Fix)

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JBL is a well-known brand that never seems to disappoint when it comes to the quality of sound and overall quality of their products such as the JBL Earbuds.

Unfortunately, there are concerns over JBL earbuds not charging properly. This is not something that is restricted to JBL though,  as most electronics brands suffer from occasional charging problems.

Here are a few of the more common JBL earbud charging problems and how you can fix them.

When JBL earbuds are not charging, it is important to clean them. Remove any debris or foreign objects from the case, that may prevent the earbuds from charging. Avoid using sharp objects to clean the earbuds to prevent unnecessary damage. Use a cotton bud or an old toothbrush instead.

When cleaning your JBL earbuds, gently remove any debris that may block the charging connection on each earbud.

Be sure to check for removable parts such as the rubber tips, and clean them separately.

The earphones’ cable is usually skipped, but it is equally important that it is thoroughly cleaned so that there are no traces of dirt that can penetrate the charging ports.

When cleaning the charging case, use lukewarm water and a drop of washing-up liquid. Make sure that you leave all pieces including the case to dry out before using them. This allows time for the case to dry and any excess moisture to evaporate.

Most importantly, don’t clean the case if it is plugged into a power source.

Keeping your JBL earbuds in top condition is a good way to ensure the longevity of the product. Be aware when cleaning the earbuds in case any small pieces are lost during the process.

If the earbuds are not charging fully, make sure that you charge the case for a few hours first, before outing the earbuds inside. This gives the case battery a chance to fully charge.

Not enough attention is paid to the charging cable. If it is damaged through rough use, it will not work properly and could result in the case not charging at all.

Also, consider how big the ear tips are that you fit to your earbuds. They may be too large for the case and cause the earbuds to not sit properly on the charging pins.

If your earbuds fail to charge, try removing the foam ear tips and then replace the earbuds in the charging case.

Your charging case may spend a lot of time in dusty places or in your pocket where lint and other debris can lodge in the charging port. Use a microfiber cloth to clean your charger, not forgetting to clean inside the case where the charging pins are.

Your earbuds also get dirty, so cleaning them, especially the charging connection is vitally important.

If you’ve cleaned the charging case and the earbuds and charged the case overnight without success, then try charging your earbuds in another JBL charger. If the earbuds charge, then you know the problem lies with your charger. But if the earbuds do not charge then it points to a problem with your earbuds.

They can then be sent to a JBL service center for repair or replacement.

JBL Earbuds Right Ear Not Charging

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One of the biggest frustrations with earbuds is having only one earbud working.

To enjoy your music fully, you need both earbuds working properly. When one of the earbuds is not working, check that the case is fully charged and make sure that the earbuds are properly seated in the charging case.

You want the connection to your charging case as well as the Bluetooth connections to be free of any problems.

If your right JBL earbud is not charging, check that the charging port is clean and free of any debris or dirt. Check to see that the metal connections are not bent or damaged. Delete your JBL earbud’s list of previously connected devices. Also, disconnect all Bluetooth devices within 30 feet (10m).

To turn off the devices through the earbuds, simply hold down the volume keys until the LED indicator light blinks.

The next best option is to factory reset the earbuds. While holding down the volume buttons for around five seconds, you will hear a pinging sound. After that, turn the LED lights off by holding down the power button until the LEDs go out.

If you find that the earbud is still not charging after resetting the earbuds, try charging them in another JBL case or with a micro-USB cable.

Check that the LEDs are showing that the earbuds are charging.

JBL Earbuds Left Ear Not Charging

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A very common problem is having one earbud that fails to charge.

There are various reasons why this happens, but the solutions are normally quick and easy to apply.

When your JBL earbuds left ear is not charging, allow the faulty earbud to drain its battery completely. Once the battery is fully discharged, you can re-insert it into the charging case and wait for the earbud to charge. Don’t forget to disconnect the earbud from any devices that may be paired with it, before you drain the battery.

It is suggested that you leave the earbud out of its case for up to 8 hours or ideally overnight. Once the earbud is no longer responsive, you can place the earbud back into the charging case.

The best way to ensure that the earbuds are connecting correctly to the charging case is by cleaning the charging pin connections. You should also make sure that the charging pins are retracting properly.

To check that the charging problem does not originate with the charging case, you should attempt to charge the earbud in another charging case to see if the problem repeats itself. If the earbud still doesn’t charge, then you can be sure that it is the earbud that is at fault.

To make sure that the earbud is not a problem, try charging it with a micro-USB cable.

In this case, you may wish to return the earbuds to the supplier for repair or a refund.

JBL Earbuds Not Charging Fully

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JBL earbuds usually have a two-to-three-hour battery life.

They will normally take over an hour and a half to charge. However, problems with the charging cable, charging case, ambient temperature, and the state of charge of the charging case, all have an effect on the charging times.

The problem can also be a result of the charging cable and whether its power rating meets the standard of the amount needed for the earbuds.

When your JBL earbuds are not charging fully, look for the text that states the number of amps needed for the earbuds. Remember that computer ports only have a maximum of 0.5 amps of current. To have the earbuds charging at the required rate, you need a minimum of 1 amp of current.

While earbuds can charge in a couple of hours, you may need to leave them in the charging case overnight to fully charge. This is especially true if the charging case is not fully charged to start with.

Allow the case and earbuds time to receive a full charge over at least 8 hours before assuming that you have a charging problem.

Loose components can also become a problem. It is important that you check that no parts are loose or damaged, as this is a sign of the connectors separating from the headset.

It is best to use a safety-agency-approved power supply that has a higher amp flow. Remember the more adjacent the charger’s amperage, the faster the product can charge. However, it is never a good idea to use a charger that is not designed for your electronic device.

When in doubt, always use a JBL charger that is recommended for your earbuds.

The charging cable itself can also lead to problems, especially if the cables have been treated badly by being constantly twisted or bent. This leads to the wires breaking and disconnecting as they can become quite fragile.

Avoid disconnecting the charging cable by pulling on the wire. You should grip the connector as close to the charging port as possible and pull the cable out with very lateral movement.

Moving the connector from side to side causes damage to both the plug and the wire. You should also avoid forcing the earbuds into their case. They should slide in easily and the lid should close on them snuggly.

This will push the earbuds down onto the charging pins, allowing for good contact.

JBL Earbuds Case Not Charging

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One of the convenience factors that people love about earbuds is the ability to charge them in their case.

When charging your earbuds in the secure charging case, the biggest issue is the case not being able to fully charge itself.

When you find that JBL earbuds are not charging in their case, check that the earbuds are seated correctly. Check that the connection points are clean so they can receive a proper charge. JBL earbuds have lithium-ion batteries, which if not used for long periods of time, can short circuit the battery.

The charging cable could also be the culprit.

They are easily damaged and can cause all sorts of charging problems. Because the charging cable is covered with a thick insulating layer, it is easy to overlook damage inside the cable. The wires may fray or pull loose inside the connector, which can cause an intermittent fault that is difficult to diagnose.

It is best to try a different charging cable when trying to sort out your charging case. Compare the charge you get from the new cable to your old one to see if it is functioning properly.

The ambient temperature can also be a reason behind the inability to charge your case battery.

Make sure that the earbuds are stored at room temperature. Having them sit at a very high or very low temperature will affect the battery’s ability to hold a charge over time.

There is a chance that the battery is defective due to poor manufacturing, but this is easy to spot as it will not work when it is used for the first time. You should then immediately request a replacement from your supplier.

How to Fix JBL Earbuds Not Charging

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It can be a frustrating experience when your earbuds refuse to charge.

Despite JBL earbuds being a quality product, they have suffered their fair share of quality problems.

One of the most common reasons JBL earbuds do not charge is due to connectivity issues while the earbuds are charging.

To fix JBL earbuds that aren’t charging, turn off all Bluetooth devices that are within 30 feet (10m) of the charging case. Then resync your earbuds and the charging case. Make sure that the charging case lid is closed at all times whilst charging. Otherwise, the earbuds will drain the battery.

Disconnect any audio source that is connected to the earbuds, otherwise, it will continue to play and use the battery as well.

When resetting your JBL charging case, make sure to disconnect from any connected devices.

Then place both earbuds back into the charging case. Take the right earbud out and long press it for ten seconds. That then completes the resetting process for your earbuds and charging case.

Be sure to check hardware and software as sometimes a battery issue can be from a problem with the hardware or software.

There are regular software and firmware updates that fix problems with the various components. To update the firmware on your JBL earbuds, set up the JBL app on your phone. There are versions available for both Android and Apple phones. You can access the download via the Google Playstore or the Apple store.

After downloading the JBL Headphones app, follow the steps below to update your JBL wireless headphones & earbuds with the latest firmware version.

Once you have installed the JBL headphones app, open it and locate your JBL earbuds. If there is an orange circle next to your earbuds, then an update is available.

Select the install button and wait for the restart message to appear.

How to Charge JBL Earbuds Without Case

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One of the downsides of using earbuds was that, without your case, you couldn’t charge them once their batteries were flat.

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JBL responded by creating an alternative way to charge your earbuds even if you don’t have your charging case with you.

If you wish to charge JBL earbuds without their case, then you can successfully do so by simply plugging a Micro USB into the device. You can check if the earbuds are successfully charging by looking for the LED light on the right. Once fully charged, the LED light will go off on the right earbud.

Using a micro-USB is a simple way of charging without the charging case, but it is best to have the case so as not to lose the earbuds.

It is also more hygienic to carry your earbuds in the case rather than allowing them to roll around loose in your bag or pocket.

You can also let your earbuds charge overnight while connected with the micro-USB cable and they will not overcharge.

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