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JBL Earbuds Volume Too Loud/Low (How To Fix/Reset)

When we are wearing our JBL earbuds, we want to be comfortable and enjoy the music or sound to the full. Unfortunately, there may be times when the volume is too loud or too low. How do you fix this problem?

The easiest way to fix an issue with the volume being too loud or too low with your JBL earbuds is to reset them. This can be done by holding the power button on the earbud until the LED light flashes. At that point, it will restart and the problem may be fixed.

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There may also be times when it is necessary to take things to the next step to correct this type of issue. It may have to do with any number of different factors, but we will consider quite a few of them below to ensure that you can get back up and running as soon as possible.

JBL Earbuds Volume Too Loud/Low (How To Fix/Reset)

Obviously, if you are having problems with your JBL earbuds and they are under warranty, it would be best if you simply call the company and had them fix them for you. They will likely give you the direction to reset the earbuds or to do this or that, but replacing them may be the only option.

It also would help if you test the earbuds with other Bluetooth devices. If you are having problems with the volume when connected to your phone but not with a tablet or computer, then the problem is easier to tie down.

You might be surprised with how many times the issue is not actually associated with your JBL earbuds but rather, it is the device they are connected to. Be open to the possibility that you may have to look into that and correct the issue from that angle.

Let’s take a look at some of the different ways to fix JBL earbud volume problems. Regardless of whether the volume is too low or too loud, fixing it will help to improve your comfort and your enjoyment of this electronic device.

Reasons Why JBL Earbuds Volume is Too Loud

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Are you having a problem where your JBL earbuds are too loud? What is causing this volume issue? Here are 5 things to consider.

1. Volume Limiters – There are often digital volume limiters that are built into the earbuds as well as some that may be built into the software you are using. Volume limiters have the job of keeping the volume within a safe and comfortable level. If they are not working, the volume may be too loud.

2. Synchronization – There are times when the software may synchronize your JBL earbuds with your phone or another electronic device. It allows you to control the sound and other features by using the earbuds and not the device directly. If the synchronization is not working, it can keep the volume at a loud level.

3. Volume Setting – This is an issue with the device and not with the earbuds. If the lowest volume setting is still too loud, there may not be anything you can do about it except download an equalizer.

4. Phone Volume – If the phone volume is too loud, you may not be able to adjust the volume on the headset to the extent that it is within your comfort zone. In some cases, you may need to adjust the volume on the phone and the earbud separately.

5. Audio Driver – If you are connected to a Windows device, then the audio driver may not be working properly. They may be assigned the task of regulating the volume but if the driver is not working or is outdated, you may have problems.

Ways To Fix JBL Earbuds Volume Too Loud

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If you do have problems where your JBL earbud volume is too loud, here are 4 different ways to fix it.

1. Volume Settings – Don’t rely on the volume settings on the earbud alone. You should also check the volume settings on all of the devices that are connected to the earbud, because each of them may adjust the volume independently. After turning down the volume on the connected device, you will find that the volume is lower on the earbud.

2. Drivers – If you are using a computer to connect to your earbuds, you may need to update the audio drivers. This can be done from within the device manager on your computer. Once you update the driver, you may need to restart the computer before the earbud volume is fixed.

3. Drivers (Again) – If you recently downloaded a new driver and are now experiencing the problem, you may need to delete the driver. When you do so, your computer will automatically use the default driver that it was originally using.

4. Default – As a final possibility, you can set the earbuds as the default audio device using the Windows control panel. After doing so, you may find that it is easier to control the volume properly.

Reasons Why JBL Earbuds Volume Too Low

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Although we don’t want the volume from our JBL earbuds to be earsplittingly loud, it does need to be loud enough to hear. What are some reasons why the volume is too low?

1. Damage – If the volume is not working properly and is too low, you should check for any damage to the headset. If it is a Bluetooth device, damage to the device itself may be a problem. Even a small amount of damage can cause big problems.

2. Audio Settings – Rather than simply relying on the volume controls on your earbuds, you should also check the settings on whatever device you are using. Regardless of whether it is a Windows computer or some type of mobile phone, adjusting the audio settings up can cause the volume to go up.

3. Cleanliness – One of the big problems that are often overlooked is if the earbuds are dirty. It can be a buildup of ear wax that occurs down next to the screen on the earbud. It needs to be cleaned or it can block the sound and cause the volume to be low. In many cases, the volume will be lower on one side.

Ways To Fix JBL Earbuds Volume Too Low

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It’s important to be able to fix an issue and not simply know why it is happening. How can you fix your JBL earbuds when the volume is too low? Here are three things to try.

1. Adjust the Sound – One of the most common ways that we connect our JBL earbuds is through our handheld devices. There are a number of different types of devices, and each one may have a different method of adjusting the sound.

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In almost all devices, regardless of whether it is an iPhone, Android, or even some type of tablet, there is going to be a rocker bar on the side. This rocker bar can control various features on the handheld device but it often controls the sound level.

If, after you try to adjust the sound using the rocker bar and it doesn’t work, you may need to go into the settings on the phone or other device and adjust it manually. Here’s how to do it.

iPhone: Open the settings and begin navigating through the tabs. You can then look through the accessibility options to the hearing section. This is also something that can be found by searching for accessibility or hearing. In either case, it will get you to this section.

You will see a slider bar located on that screen. This will cause the volume to go up and down. It’s important to note that this isn’t a minor adjustment but rather, it adjusts the ability for the volume to be louder than comfortable in some cases.

Make sure that you have your JBL earbuds in and connected while you are making this adjustment. Otherwise, you will not know how loud it really is and you may need to make the adjustment multiple times.

Android: Your android phone may also have a setting that allows you to adjust the volume louder than would be typically comfortable. You can access the settings menu by dragging down the top of the screen and clicking on the gear icon.

After you are inside the settings menu, look for the sound and vibration section. You can also search for this section to find it quickly and easily.

You can adjust multiple sounds inside this setting. Make sure you have your earbuds in and are listening to some music so you can adjust it appropriately.

2. Repair – If there is any type of physical damage to your earbuds, you may need to repair them directly. If it were a wire, you could repair it with some electrical tape but for the damage to an earbud, it may need a more delicate hand.

Unfortunately, there are times when a repair is not going to work and you will have to take advantage of whatever warranty may be available on the product.

3. Clean – This is one of the easier ways to fix the earbud but it is only going to work if the earbud is actually dirty. A buildup of various types of dirt, and/or earwax can cause the volume to be low because it cannot get through.

Sometimes, you are able to simply pick away the dirt with your fingernail or with a soft cloth. At other times, you may need to use a Q-tip to clean it more thoroughly. You can even use a little bit of rubbing alcohol on the Q-tip.

The most important factor to consider when you are cleaning it in this way is to be careful. The inner workings of the earbuds are very delicate and if you damage them, it is likely you are going to ruin the earbuds and will have to throw them away at that point.

Anytime you are having a problem with your JBL earbud volume being too low or too loud, you should reset the earbuds. Press and hold the power button on the earbuds for up to a minute until the LED lights begin to flash. After they restart, you can try adjusting the sound again.

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