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JBL Earbuds Have No Sound (How to Fix)

JBL earbuds are an enjoyable addition to any electronic device until they stop working. What can you do to get the sound back on your JBL earbuds again?

JBL earbuds may not produce sound due to several reasons: moisture buildup inside the earbuds, interference from strong magnetic fields, and inadvertently altered sound modes in the earbuds’ app, each contributing uniquely to audio issues. These circumstances can variously impact the functionality and audio output of the device.

Wireless modern earbuds

Moisture Buildup

When we wear earbuds, it’s not uncommon for us to sweat and that is why many earbuds are made to be waterproof. If there is too much moisture that builds up on the inside of the earbuds, however, it can have an effect on the audio.

The easiest way to fix this problem is to remove the earbuds, take off the earpiece, and gently wipe the earbuds dry. They may need to sit for a while to dry completely and then you can try using them again.


Many of the JBL earbuds we have tested in the past use magnets to help the earbud connect and to keep it connected. The magnets can also be used for power control.

If you are trying to use the earbuds in an area where there is a strong magnetic field, it could have an impact on the ability of the earbud to produce sound. This could be anything, from a magnetic phone case to medical equipment.

Try moving the earbuds from the area where the magnetic field exists to see if it begins working again.

Sound Mode

The app that operates the JBL earbuds often has a number of sound modes available. These can include modes that affect the sound due to ambient noises, bass boosting, or even noise canceling.

Sometimes, one of these modes may be accidentally activated and it can reduce the sound significantly. Try looking at the sound modes and cycling through them to see if you can get it working again.

You can also check the app you are using to produce the sound and see if it has some internal options that may be affecting the sound output.

Top Reasons JBL Earbuds Have No Sound

Wireless modern earbuds

Earbuds are an incredible piece of technology. They may be small, but they have a big impact on our lives and our enjoyment of music or anything else we listen to. What can be done when the earbuds are no longer producing sound?

When you are not getting any sound out of your earbuds, the first thing to check is the power. Many earbuds, especially those that utilize Bluetooth can be turned on and off with the push of a button. Make sure that the earbuds are turned on.

Of course, this is really only a superficial fix and there are many other options to consider that could cause your earbuds to stop producing sound.

Fixes For JBL Earbuds With No Sound

Wireless modern earbuds

Typically, when you don’t have sound coming from your earbuds, it can be traced to a simple solution. Here are 3 top reasons why your earbuds are not producing sound.

Physical Damage

Physical wear and tear, like damaged wiring or internal components, can interrupt the audio signal. This may occur due to repeated bending, pulling, or other physical stresses on the earbuds. Checking for visible wear or wire exposure can help identify this issue.

Blockage or Obstruction

Accumulation of debris, earwax, or dust in the earbud, especially on the speaker mesh, can block sound output. Regular cleaning and ensuring that the earbuds are stored in a clean environment help in minimizing this problem.

Connection or Compatibility Issues

Problems with connecting the earbuds to the audio device, either through wired or wireless means, can result in no sound. This might involve issues like a poor Bluetooth connection, outdated software, or incompatibility with the device. Checking and updating the software, re-pairing, and testing with different devices can be useful steps to troubleshoot this issue.

For wired earbuds, make sure that the plug is fully seated into the device. If necessary, unplug it and plug it in again fully.

Bluetooth earbuds may need to be repaired with the device on occasion. After turning off the earbud or putting it back into its case, remove it and put the device on discovery mode. After reconnecting, make sure that you stay within range (30 feet).

Common Reason Earbuds Have No Sound

Wireless modern earbuds

It’s one thing to know the issue that is causing your earbuds not to produce sound. It is quite another to understand how to fix the problem. After all, we can’t enjoy using them until the problem is repaired.

Here are 3 different things you can do to get your earbuds back up and running properly again.

Addressing Physical Damage

If the earbuds have visible physical damage, like exposed wires or evident wear, a temporary fix might involve carefully using electrical tape to secure the damaged area. For a more permanent solution, consider professional repair or ultimately replacing the earbuds if they are beyond repair.

Cleaning the Earbuds

If debris or earwax is blocking the speaker mesh, use a small, gentle brush (like a clean toothbrush) to delicately remove any visible blockages. Alternatively, use a dry, soft cloth to clean around the earbuds and ensure that the speaker mesh is clear of obstructions to allow sound to pass through freely.

Troubleshooting Connection Issues

For connectivity problems, ensure your device’s software is updated and try disconnecting and reconnecting the earbuds. If using Bluetooth, unpair the earbuds, restart the device, and then re-pair them. For wired earbuds, ensure that the jack is fully inserted into the audio device and test them with another device to rule out issues with the original audio source.

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