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JBL Earbuds Won’t Connect To iPhone (How to Fix)

JBL is known for making high-quality products but sometimes there can be connectivity issues with earbuds. What can be done to correct the problem?

There are several reasons why JBL earbuds are not connecting to an iPhone and these include interference from other JBL devices, operating system updates on your iPhone, or firmware issues. To troubleshoot, consider disconnecting other Bluetooth devices, ensuring your iPhone’s iOS and the earbuds’ firmware are up-to-date, and managing connected devices in iPhone settings. Always check for the specific earbuds model updates on the JBL website.

Wireless modern earbuds

Other JBL Devices

Bluetooth does allow multiple devices to be connected but there is a problem when you have multiple devices by the same manufacturer at times. This can cause interference that may keep the earbuds from being connected successfully.

The easiest way to fix this problem is to disconnect any other devices that are already connected to the iPhone. This could be external speakers or any number of other devices that utilize Bluetooth. You can then try connecting the earbuds.

If you are still having a problem connecting the earbuds, try removing everything except the earbuds from the list of accepted devices in your iPhone settings.

Finally, once you are able to connect the earbuds properly, reconnect the other devices one at a time to see which is causing the interference.

Operating System

The iPhone iOS will update on occasion and this can have an impact on compatibility. It can affect almost anything that is used by the iPhone, from printers to earbuds and even mobile apps.

It doesn’t have to be a major update to experience this problem. As minor updates are rolled out and changed, you may notice that you are having connectivity problems.

Make sure that you are using the latest iOS that is compatible with the device you are using. Some people like to wait until they are sure there will not be any connectivity issues. Check the software update in the settings menu to see if you are up-to-date.


One other thing that can cause problems is if you are having firmware issues. When the firmware updates, it is often to keep up with any updates to the iOS or to fix problems, such as earbuds not connecting.

Look for the specific model of your JBL earbuds and then go to the JBL website. Search for any update to the existing firmware and run the update if necessary.

Top Reasons JBL Earbuds Won’t Connect To iPhone

Wireless modern earbuds

The technology we use on a daily basis just keeps getting better and better. As it continues to change, however, we may also experience problems on occasion. One of those problems is if your earbuds will not connect to your iPhone.

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Earbuds will not connect to an iPhone if you are having Bluetooth problems. You must have the devices in close proximity to each other and make sure they are fully charged. Once they are connected, you should stay within 30 feet of the connected device.

This is one of the options to consider when your earbuds are not connecting to an iPhone. We will consider a number of other possibilities, along with some that are specific to certain brands in the article below.

Fixes For JBL Earbuds That Won’t Connect To iPhone

Wireless modern earbuds

It can be a struggle to connect earbuds that just don’t seem to be compatible with our iPhone. In many cases, there is something specific going on that can be fixed, if you just take the proper steps.

The first thing to do to get the earbuds connected again is to diagnose the problem. Here are 3 different things you can check and perhaps even fix very easily.

1. Bluetooth Problems: Bluetooth technology is fantastic but there are problems associated with it as well. It has a limited range and it can experience interference if we have it in close proximity to other electronic devices.

To give the earbuds the best opportunity to connect to the iPhone, you should start with the two close to each other. Although Bluetooth has a range of 33 feet, if you have them within a foot or two for the connection process, it makes it a lot easier for them to connect.

You can continue to use Bluetooth once it is connected until the batteries are very low. For the connection process, however, it is best if the batteries are at full charge. This will give you the best opportunity to connect successfully.

2. Interference: One big issue that can keep earbuds from connecting to an iPhone is interference. We’ve already discussed the possibility that Bluetooth interference exists, but it can also occur for other reasons as well.

Inside of even the tiniest earbuds are magnets that align themselves and allow the earbuds to work properly. If there is a magnetic source nearby that is interfering with the earbuds, you will not be able to connect properly.

Any type of strong magnetic field can have this impact. This includes the possibility that some medical equipment is operating in the area or even if you are trying to use the connection somewhere near a microwave.

Large computer systems and other electronic devices can also impact the ability to connect earbuds to an iPhone. You can troubleshoot these things by moving away from the source of the possible interference and trying the connection again.

3. App Settings: There are almost an endless number of iPhone apps available to send sound to the earbuds. These include some very popular apps as well as others, which may provide some specific benefit.

If you are having problems connecting the earbuds, you should go into the app settings and see if there is something that should not be set. In fact, it is best if you simply set everything to factory default in the app and try connecting again.

App settings are usually for adjusting the sound and making it a more pleasurable experience. If certain settings are not established properly, however, it can keep the earbuds from connecting.

Comon Reason Earbuds Won’t Connect To iPhone

Wireless modern earbuds

When iPhone accessories, such as earbuds, won’t connect it can be a very frustrating problem. You expect everything to work seamlessly, but what can be done when the earbuds won’t connect properly?

1. Perform a Restart: This is something that you will likely hear if you call tech support about the problem. They will tell you to restart the device, but they do it for a very specific reason.

If there are things running in the background that are interfering with the ability of your earbuds to connect, restarting the device will clear that issue and allow the connection to continue. Just make sure that you shut down the iPhone completely and leave it off for a few minutes before restarting.

Restarting the earbuds is also a good idea because they may have developed a temporary glitch that keeps them from connecting. Each earbud is going to have its own way of resetting. Some will be put back in the case and others may have a combination of buttons that are pushed.

If restarting the device and the earbuds does not work as expected, you can try restarting Bluetooth.

Check the owner’s manual for how to turn Bluetooth off and on for each device. You should also remove the earbuds from the accepted Bluetooth devices list on your iPhone.

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After reconnecting Bluetooth on both the device and the earbuds, make sure that everything is in discoverable mode. This should allow them to reconnect seamlessly.

2. Software Update: One of the most important things to do is to keep up-to-date on any software you are using. On your iPhone, this includes iOS, which is sometimes updated to make major changes in the way things work.

If you are using a specific app to operate the earbuds and you are not getting a connection, you can try updating the software for the app as well. If necessary, delete the app and download a fresh setup.

3. Firmware Update: Finally, there may be software that is running in the background to power the earbuds and you are unaware of it. Some earbuds will have firmware and when it updates, it may be to keep up with any updates to the iPhone’s operating system.

Go to the website associated with the earbud manufacturer and check for firmware updates. If there is one, download it and follow the instructions for updating the firmware successfully.

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