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Samsung TV Xfinity Not Working

By using Xfinity, subscribers are able to have access to a seemingly unending amount of On Demand movies and shows, as well as watch many titles 28 days before you can on Netflix and Redbox. Therefore, what do you do if Xfinity is not working on your Samsung TV?

If Xfinity is not working on your Samsung TV, clear the cache of the app, reset your network, be sure you have a compatible TV model, ensure your TV is connected to a network, reset the TV, reset the Smart Hub within the TV, and ensure you are using a working HDMI port for Xfinity cable boxes.

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By subscribing to Xfinity, individuals are able to have instant access to shows and movies that regular cable and satellite simply cannot offer. This offers people the ability to expand their content network without ever having to go to another device that supports its content. By being able to use Xfinity on a Samsung TV, content is readily available and easy to watch, making it rather frustrating when it suddenly stops working.

Samsung Xfinity Not Working

Xfinity is a TV subscription streaming service that gives subscribers the chance to watch what they want, when they want, and for new movies released on DVD, have access to them much sooner than other streaming services are able to provide. This gives subscribers the advantage of having access to content sooner, but this feature is one that is rather useless when the app suddenly stops working. Read below if Xfinity isn’t working on a Samsung TV.

If Xfinity is not working on your Samsung TV, go to “Settings’ > ‘Device Manager’ > ‘Manage Storage-Show App’ > scroll through the downloaded apps on your TV and select ‘Xfinity’ > ‘View Details’ > ‘Clear Data’ and ‘Clear Cache’ which can free up memory within the application.

If you do not clear the cache of Xfinity on your Samsung TV, this can cause the application to run slowly, begin to glitch, or stop working altogether, as packed memory slows the rate at which any app can run well. It can also be helpful to clear the caches of other applications during this time, as heavy memory from other apps can also contribute to poor running speed or function of applications outside of their own domain.

Samsung TV Not Recognizing Xfinity Cable Box

A common reason for a Samsung TV not recognizing an Xfinity cable box is an incorrect input source selection. Ensure the TV is set to the correct input source where the cable box is connected. This can typically be adjusted using the TV’s remote control, by navigating to the input or source menu.

Another possible cause is a malfunctioning or improperly connected HDMI cable. Check that the HDMI cable connecting the Xfinity cable box to the Samsung TV is securely plugged in at both ends. If the issue persists, try using a different HDMI cable or a different HDMI port on the TV to see if that resolves the problem.

A third issue could be related to software or firmware. Outdated software on either the Samsung TV or the Xfinity cable box can lead to compatibility issues. Check for and install any available software updates for both the TV and the cable box. This can usually be done through their respective settings menus.

Samsung TV Xfinity Won’t Download/Install

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As previously mentioned, Xfinity is an application that has to be downloaded in order to function on your Samsung TV. This process is relatively simple and ends with individuals having access to some of their most favorite movie titles and shows with the simple click of a button. However, if you have a Samsung TV and find the Xfinity application, but notice that the app will not download or install, what can you do to resolve such an issue?

If Xfinity won’t download or install on your Samsung TV, it could be that your network is experiencing issues. To reset your network, unplug your modem or router directly from the power source and allow it to sit for 60 seconds before plugging it back in. Then, allow it to reboot and try installing.

Once you have plugged your modem or router back into its original power source, allow it plenty of time to reboot before reinstalling the Xfinity app again. If your network has not completely rebooted, you will encounter the same issues as before, as the app will not download or install through a network that is not operating at its full capacity. Once you know that the reset has completed, you can then search for the app and click it to begin downloading and installing.

Samsung TV Xfinity Not Showing Up/Available/Found

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If you have a Samsung TV, it is likely that you have some type of access to various applications, whether that availability is small or large. Therefore, you may find yourself looking for the Xfinity app so that you can proceed with downloading and installing to get straight into streaming content. However, if you are looking for the application on your TV but notice that it is not showing up, is not available, or cannot be found, what is causing the issue?

If Xfinity is not showing up, is not available, or cannot be found, it could be that your TV is not a compatible model for the Xfinity app. If you have a model that was made before 2017, it will not be a model that can support the Xfinity app, revealing why the app does not show up as available.

This can be a frustrating problem for many Samsung users, as they may have already subscribed to Xfinity. If you find that your TV does not support the app but you still would like to find a way to stream the content from this platform, you can try using separate streaming devices to still use the app on your TV. These include devices such as Roku, Apple TV, and the Amazon Firestick among a few others.

Samsung TV Xfinity Not Connecting

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If you are able to find the Xfinity app on your Samsung TV, you will then select the app and begin the downloading process. When this is completed, it will then install and you should be able to open the application with ease. However, in order for the application to open, it must connect to the network that you have your TV set up on, making it rather inconvenient when the application reads that it is not connecting.

If Xfinity is not connecting to your Samsung TV, be sure that your TV is connected to your network. To do this, press the ‘Menu’ button on your remote control and press ‘Network’ > ‘Network Status’ > and this will reveal whether or not your TV is successfully connected to a network.

If you go through this process and realize that your TV is not connected to a network, simply join the network you wish to run your device on and allow it to connect. If you see that your TV is connected to a network though, you may need to reset the network manually. To do this, unplug your router or modem directly from the power source and allow it to sit for 30 seconds before plugging it back in, giving it time to reboot, and trying once again to connect the Xfinity app.

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Samsung TV Xfinity Volume Not Working/Lagging

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For many app problems, the main ones consist of video quality issues and problems with the app not downloading. However, some Samsung TV owners have voiced problems with the volume not working or lagging when they are using this particular application. Although the function of the app is primary, users must be able to not only see the content, but hear it as well, making this issue one that is incredibly interruptive.

If the volume on Xfinity is not working or is lagging on your Samsung TV, be sure that your TV has not been accidentally muted first. Then, ensure that you are using the correct audio output. If you are still experiencing issues, the audio may need to be reset.

To reset the audio on your Samsung TV, you will need to select ‘Settings’ > ‘Sound’ > ‘Expert Settings’ > ‘Reset Sound’ > ‘Reset.’ If resetting the audio does not work and the sound is still lagging, verify or disable the SAP or MTS settings by pressing the button on your remote and then change the SAP or MTS setting to “Off’ or ‘Normal.’ This should cause your audio to then match up to the video that you are playing within the Xfinity app.

Samsung Xfinity No Sound

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It is obviously a bit of a problem when you notice that the sound coming from your Samsung TV when using the Xfinity app is lagged or not working properly, but it is an even bigger issue when there is no sound at all coming from your TV during the use. If you have found yourself in the middle of trying to play content from this application, you may be rather shocked to find that there is no sound present, where sound was once before. What do you do?

If there is no sound coming from the Xfinity app on your Samsung TV, it may be helpful to reset your TV. To do this, unplug your TV directly from the power source for at least 30 seconds. Once the time has passed, plug it back in, turn the TV back on, restart Xfinity, and see if sound has been restored.

If you reset your TV but still find that there is no sound coming from your television when you are using the Xfinity app, you may need to either reset the audio or change the SAP or MTS settings on the TV to restore the sound. To find out how to complete both of the actions, refer back to the previous section titled “Samsung TV Xfinity Volume Not Working/Lagging.”

You could also check out the article Samsung TV sound not working if this article didn’t help you resolve Xfinity sound on Samsung tV.

Samsung TV Xfinity Black/Blue Screen

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When you are using the Xfinity application, you should be able to open the app once it has been downloaded and installed and access all of the content that comes available to users within this streaming app. If you open the Xfinity app and are either immediately met with a black or blue screen or try to play a video and then a black or blue screen displays, you are left with a TV that will not only not show you the content you want to watch, but will not function as it should.

If Xfinity is displaying a black or blue screen on your Samsung TV, it may be that the Smart Hub within your TV needs to be reset. To do this, press the ‘Home’ button on your remote control and select ‘Settings’ > ‘Support’ > ‘Self Diagnosis’ > ‘Reset the Smart Hub’ to complete the reset.

Once the Smart Hub has been reset, you can then go back to the Xfinity app and try to open it to see if a blue or black screen appears once again. However, proceed with a bit of caution with this before you choose to reset the Hub, as you will have to log back into Xfinity with your username and password once things have been reset. Therefore, before resetting the app, make sure you know your login information so that you can log back in with ease.

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Samsung TV Not Recognizing Xfinity

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If you are not one that has the Xfinity app downloaded to your TV, but are actually using an Xfinity cable box, your TV will have to first recognize the device before you are able to proceed with its setup. This is typically a very quick process once you have the box connected to your TV, but some Xfinity box users have noted that their Samsung TV does not recognize the device. When this happens, what can you do to resolve the problem?

If your Samsung TV is not recognizing Xfinity, you need to be sure that you have the box connected to a working HDMI port. To test the port, place a previously working device into the port you have your Xfinity hooked up to and see if this device experiences the same problem.

If you notice that the port is not working, simply switch the HDMI port that you were using to one that is functioning properly. Once you have inserted the Xfinity box into the port, be sure that you have your TV set to the proper HDMI input. If you have your TV set to the wrong input, it will not recognize the device and you will continue to run into the problem of Xfinity being hooked up, yet useless when it comes to operation on your Samsung TV.

Samsung TV Xfinity Remote Not Working

If you are using the Xfinity cable box, you are supplied with an Xfinity remote that works to control the features from within the device. This allows users to have access to the content within Xfinity without having to worry about any workarounds with their Samsung TV. Although this is incredibly convenient, some users have found that their remote suddenly stops working, causing Xfinity to stop working alongside it due to having no controls.

If your Samsung TV Xfinity remote is not working, press and hold any button on the remote control and see if the LED light flashes on it. If the light does not flash, this means that the batteries need to be replaced. Be sure to replace them with high-quality batteries to ensure optimal function.

If you press a button on your remote and notice that the LED light blinks five times, this is an indication that the batteries are low and need to be replaced as soon as possible. If this is not the problem, reset your remote control by pressing the ‘Setup’ button on the remote, wait for the LED light to change to green, hit 9-8-1, and then wait for that same light to flash two times to indicate that the reset has completed and was successful.

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