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How to Reset Sceptre TV

Your Sceptre TV is easy to reset. Using your remote click the ‘Menu’ button, from there it. will bring up a list where you can find ‘Settings’. Scroll through the menu and find the section that is labeled ‘Device Preferences’, select that option and you will now see a few different choices. ‘Reset’ or ‘Reset to Factory Settings’. Depending on how severe the issue you can decide between the two. Otherwise, you can try and unplug your Sceptre TV, hold the power button for 30 seconds, leave it unplugged for 60 seconds, and plug it back in.

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How to Reset Sanyo TV

It’s easy to reset your Sanyo TV. You can perform a general reset by using the remote and pushing the ‘Menu’ button. Through your setting menu, you are also given the option to do a ‘Factory Reset’. This will restore your Sanyo to its original setting. You can also use the reset button on your Sanyo TV to restore it to factory settings. Resetting your Sanyo TV can fix many small issues that you come across.

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How to Reset Westinghouse TV

 If you do not have or have forgotten your password and want to reset your TV, you need to do a factory reset. Find the button on the back of your Westinghouse TV and use a pen or a similar object to press and hold the button that is marked reset. Hold that button and look at the screen. Your screen will go black at first, keep holding the button.

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Westinghouse TV Remote not Working

If your Westinghouse TV Remote is not working and neither is the Westinghouse Remote’s Sensor, turn off your Westinghouse TV’s power for about thirty seconds. Then hold the Westinghouse TV Remote’s Power Button for thirty seconds and then release it. Now reconnect the Westinghouse TV’s power source and see if the Westinghouse TV Remote is working again.

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